Hiring Remote Employees Like an Expert: Follow These 6 Steps to Get There

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The remote workforce is rising. If you want to add the necessary skills to your business without being concerned about geographical barriers, hiring remote employees can be a great idea. The traditional management system isn’t applicable to maximize productivity from your remote team and managing them is a challenge itself. Follow these six steps for remote employee hiring practices and allow your organization to get full value from them.

Pick the right person while hiring remote employees 

Bringing a team together is required before leading them. Before hiring any remote worker, you need to see if they hold the characteristics needed for a successful remote team. ‘Self-motivation’ and ‘discipline’ are the most important personality traits they should possess. An employee shouldn’t work remotely if he/she can’t manage to complete tasks on time without repetitive assistance. It’s a must to have good written and verbal communication skills for this role. Knowing the former way of communication helps in sending emails or texts without derailing the norms of office culture. It’s also important for effective communication via telephone or video calls. 


Establish organizational expectations

Be clear and direct about organizational prospects to potential candidates during the hiring process. You can repeat the expectations to new employees once they’re hired and provide them in a written format for extra precaution. The expectations should include work hours, availability, deadlines for project submission, meeting scheduling and attendance, etc. Understand the fine line between monitoring and hovering—ensure that your expectation summary reflects this balance as well.

Review the communication processes

Remote workers can’t engage with each other like in a casual office, and they can often feel ignored and left out for this reason. The best way to deal with this feeling is through consistent and routine video conferences. Encourage one-to-one communication with employees, spend a good amount of time with each worker in small groups. You probably have done this at the office more than you realize and it’s similarly important for remote workers as well.



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You need to keep in mind another thing: always keep your employees in the loop with deadlines and meeting times. In a physical office, people share information about the changed meeting schedule verbally. For hiring remote employees and building a team, you have to establish a communication procedure that avoids any conflict.

Set corporate cultures

The traditional corporate culture is built around the office work environment—it needs to be adjusted for remote employees. Build the job culture for the remote team in a way that reflects their value in the organization. Focus on transparency so that everyone knows what’s going on and what to expect. Encourage employees to connect as often as possible—help them understand that communication is critical for the success of the team. 


CircleCare employee engagement app works as a functional addition to the team for maintaining employee value. It keeps them motivated while helping to achieve health goals. It’s a great tool to encourage employees and increase their productivity. Organizations that are concerned about the betterment of workers and businesses need to deploy this app.

Get involved in employees’ career growth

As a leader, you need to encourage growth and prepare your employees for the next step in their career path. This can be a challenging task when you have to direct remote employees and may result in development isolation if you aren’t properly prepared. However, one practical way is to give your employees a leadership role on projects and provide the opportunity for skill development. 

Use a remote employee monitoring software

It does not matter if your employees are working remotely or in a physical office, you still need to see if they are doing their job properly. While distance creates a barrier in your path, CloudDesk remote employee monitoring software helps you out. It shows whether the employees are working or not. It also helps to detect proactive and self-proven remote workers. This is an affordable tool that helps to build trust from both sides of an organization. Any businesses looking for an effective way of assessing employee productivity need to use this software with their remote teams.


Hiring remote employees and working with the remote team is a whole new frontier. Having said that, if you want the best and the brightest personnel for your company, you need to adapt to the norms of this new virtual reality. So if you think you are ready to handle a remote team, try CloudDesk remote employee monitoring software. See how it helps to monitor remote teams with ease with its 14-day free trial. Feel free to share your plan with the development team and hit the Contact Us button.

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