Ways To Help Employees Remain Productive While Working At Home

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Millions of people across the world have had to adjust the ways in which they live, interact and work in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It is safe to say that many employees and employers have now gotten the hang of working and interacting remotely, all in the name of staying safe and maintaining our collective well-being. However, many individuals who find themselves having to work from home are struggling to remain productive and focused throughout their workday. This could be a result of various factors, such as COVID fatigue, distractions at home, lack of engagement with other employees, and a host of other things that can complicate a workday.

How To Maintain Employee Productivity while Working From Home

There are multiple ways in which employers can help their remote employees remain productive. An important starting point is to make sure that there is a mutual understanding and agreement between both employers and employees pertaining to levels of productivity, standards of work, and the number of work hours that need to be maintained while employees work from home. Employers need to establish clear guidelines about what working at home will mean for each employee. The required engagement between employees and employers should also be clearly stated, as well as how employees will be monitored. It is vital that employees are given clear guidelines and the opportunity to give consent to being monitored during their work hours. Employers and organizations that are in the position to provide employees with the necessary tools needed to successfully and efficiently complete work tasks at home, such as software, computers, data packages etc, should do so in order to ensure that all employees are well taken care of and are able to complete work related tasks from home.



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Maintaining consistent communication with employees who are working at home is extremely important. When lines of communication are kept open, employees will not only feel included in work related tasks, but will also feel encouraged and motivated to remain productive and complete work tasks in a timely manner. In addition to this, open lines of communication enable employers to identify when employees are not well or need help in a area.

It’s also vital to establish good standard of trust between employees and employers. Employers need to be able to trust that their remote employees will take full responsibility for their work and deliver on time, and employees need to feel that they are able to reach out to their employers  and receive the support they need.

Using Remote Employee Monitoring Software to Create Trust and Maintain Productivity

Making use of good remote employee monitoring software not only makes it easier for the lines of communication between employees and employers to remain open, but it also creates a truthful and trustworthy relationship between the two. Using remote employee monitoring software is a great way for employers to monitor, engage with and manage employees who work from home.

CloudDesk remote employee monitoring software can contribute a great deal toward employee satisfaction. This cloud-based software solution allows lets remote employees work flexible hours while simultaneously proving their productivity and dedication to distributed work related tasks. The software provides features such as random screenshots, web and app usage monitoring, employee engagement and time tracking, as well as employee facial ID verification. These features are helpful tools for employees who need to confirm employee productivity and maintain accountability.

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