Maintaining Productivity and Engagement While Managing Remote Employees

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The year 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic have changed the way we work, the way we engage with others, and essentially, the way we live our lives. Many businesses are faced with the challenge of creating a new ‘’normal’’ within the work environment. Employers have had to establish new ways to monitor the work and productivity levels of their employees, and new manners in which employees and employers engage with one another. Because employees are working remotely, it is vital that employers are able to manage and monitor their remote employees.

Ways to Create A Remote Working Environment

There are multiple ways in which employers can manage and monitor their employees’ work and levels of productivity. Employers can create a remote working environment by providing employees with the necessary equipment and tools to ensure that employees are always ready and available to engage with their coworkers and employers. This helps to create a work culture characterized by over-communication, which is a key tool in establishing a successful remote business.



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Encouraging your remote employees to stay connected with one another goes hand in hand with ensuring that your employees are always readily available to engage. It is important that you foster team-building amongst your employees. This means that employers need to focus on the intrapersonal relationships amongst remote employees in order to establish a solid team structure.

As an employer, it is also important that you establish an alternate online office where you can conduct regular check-ins with employers and where you are able to receive regular feedback from your employees. This enables your business to thrive as it provides a centralized location that stores and shares important data and documents, allowing all employees and employers to work together from various different locations.

And finally, as an employer and/or manager it is important that you are constantly offering productive supervision to all remote employees and that you always have clear visibility into all of your employees’ daily activities. By doing so, you are able to effectively manage your remote employees and ensure that high levels of productivity and engagement are maintained.

Making Use of Employee Monitoring Software to Maintain Productivity and Engagement While Managing Remote Employees

Effective employee monitoring software enables you to optimize the performance of your employees, increase productivity, and improve compliance, as it provides you with real-time visibility into distributed work activities amongst your employees.

Employee monitoring software such as CloudDesk enables you to monitor all remote employees’ real-time activities, allows your remote employees to check-in when they start working, and throughout the day until their work is done, and it also helps increase employee engagement. CloudDesk is equipped with features that capture live screenshots to ensure that employees are staying on track throughout the day, monitor website and app usage to confirm the productivity of employees and make use of a robust face recognition system that identifies employees. To learn more about CloudDesk, please contact us today.

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