Improve the Quality of Sales Performance to Increase Sales Efficiency

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Increasing sales efficiency is key to maximizing revenue. Regulating sales reps to ensure they properly utilize their time can help you increase the efficiency of your sales team. Efficiency is measured by dividing output by input. If you can get more from your reps by efficient monitoring to ensure they do not waste time, you can increase your profits. 

Most sales reps fail to reach their quotas these days. Monitoring your sales operations through a mobile field sales app can help you track inefficiencies within your sales operations, and fix them. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help in sales management by tracking your sales team from their phones.

Ways to Increase Sales Efficiency

Measuring revenue generation against sales costs provides sales efficiency, and it can be increased in the following ways:

Set and Track Targets

When it comes to increasing sales efficiency, there really is no better way other than setting and measuring achievable goals. Monthly, weekly, and daily KPIs should be set and tracked through a mobile app like SalesQ, which allows you to view total target completion, order status by rep, and visits per customer. This can help monitor and increase the efficiency of your sales reps.

Sell to Top Customers

Sales efficiency can be increased by finding out who your top customers by orders are and catering to them. Since you know that these customers have previously bought from you and make repeat purchases, it is important to nurture them through good relationship management. Sales pipelines should also be managed through pipeline stages to ensure the right prospects are being targeted.

Share Sales Strategies

Inefficient sales reps are often those who lack training and draw out the sales process due to their lack of knowledge. They also fail to respond to customer queries and take time to respond due to fear, ending in losing deals. SalesQ allows you to share strategies and training modules to their phones to ensure reps are up-to-date on the latest sales strategies. As a sales manager, you will have better market insight, which will help reps target prospects for increased efficiency. A digital product catalog also helps reps stay abreast of the latest product changes.

Authenticate Sales Visits

The veracity of client location check-in reports should be authenticated to ensures reps are actually visiting clients. This provides accurate reports on client visits and helps to judge sales performance. Mobile apps allow reps to check-in from client locations by utilizing geo-fencing technology. This improves the performance of sales teams by giving you a virtual presence on the field.

Automate Tasks

Sales efficiency can be increased by automating repetitive tasks like reporting. Letting reps report through a mobile app like SalesQ increases the mobility of reps. Reps do not need to follow pen and paper processes by going to the office to report, and you can view reports in real-time as tasks are completed, for better visibility into the sales operations.


It is possible to increase sales efficiency by managing the performance of reps through a mobile app. Daily activities, targets achieved, and locations visited should be tracked to increase the efficiency of the sales team. SalesQ can help reps become more mobile and report through phones for better management. Sign up now for a 14-day free trial.

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