How to Select the Best Visitor Management Application

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Visitor management application helps enterprises to manage their visitors in a secure way within office premises. As this is a common practice that each enterprise need to attend to a myriad of visitors, the software vendors are also offering numerous solutions. Being confused while selecting the best visitor management application for your business is nothing unusual. In today’s post, we will share some factors necessary to select the best visitor management application for your enterprise, and it’s absolutely going to shake off your confusion.

Factors for Selecting the Best Visitor Management Application

Start your selection process for the best visitor management app by answering a few questions to understand your requirement:

  1. Are you concerned about the identity of the visitor?
  2. Do you need to connect this app with your other web-based apps?
  3. Do you have multiple offices and need a central system?
  4. Do you have a plan to expand your business in the near future?

All the applications are offering more or less similar features. If you can answer the above question it will help you to choose the perfect one for you. Depending on these you should check out the below factors:

Accurate Identification

When you are about to implement a visitor management application think about the identification method first. Exact identification helps you in many ways to keep your premises secure. Look for such application which provides an identification system which is unique, and difficult to forge. Biometric identification should be the preference to identify and authenticate the visitors.

Seamless Integration

Technology is a dynamic thing which is supposed to be upgraded from time to time. If you have any core system for your organization, you may need to integrate the visitor management application with that. So, it’s better to look at an application which is easy to integrate with any web-based application through API.


If you have multiple business locations or you have a plan to expand your business you have to select at least a web-based application but we recommend you to go for an application offering Software-as-a-Service. Why? It provides a cloud-based application which alleviates the hassles of maintenance of the server and IT infrastructure and reduces the development investment. The cloud-based visitor management application stores your data maintained in a central data center which allows you to use the application and sync the data from numerous locations.

Visitor Track is the game-changing application featuring the above factors and you must consider it before selecting any visitor management application for your enterprise. Besides, there are some common features you can find similar in all available applications in the market. For example, reporting and analytics system, issuing a digital badge, capturing photos or scanning documents, flagging a blacklisted person, etc. For more info, you can download a free case study to know how Safety Plus selected a visitor management system for all of its facilities across the country.

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