A South African Park Adopts Visitor Management in Tourism

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Monitoring visitor management is really important in places like parks, restaurants, gyms, churches etc. Today people in charge of tourism and membership management are using visitor management systems to better ensure safety and efficiency of their enterprises. Kruger National Park (KNP), a renowned South African National Park, got four new high-tech vehicles from Toyota South Africa on December, 2017 to help the tourists to get proper information and help law enforcement throughout the park.

These high-tech vehicles will be started this season when the number of visitors is the highest. On average 1.7 million visitors come to the park per year to experience the wildlife adventures. The new visitor management plan is a part of having better security for both the wild life and visitors in the park.

Nicholus Funda, the acting managing executive of KNP, said that,

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“Now and then, especially during busy periods, we receive feedback from concerned tourists about rule breakers who speed on the roads in the park – which leads to road kills, whilst some protrude or climb out of their vehicles. These vehicles are an extension to those of our traffic officials, rangers and security staff and we are certain they will assist in this regard.”

KNP’s GM: Communications and Marketing, William Mabasa said that,

“For busy periods such as the school holidays and festive season, we aim to better manage the volumes that we expect, as well as our visitors’ expectations. The three different time slots are aimed at improving the spread of vehicles and, as far as possible prevent unnecessary waiting periods at gates.”

The KNP authority requests to the visitors to visit the place according to the rules. They will be strict to the rules and regulations strictly which are following:

  • Visitors must remain in their vehicles and the vehicle doors should be locked.
  • The maximum speed limit is 50 km/h on tar roads and 40 km/h on gravel roads.
  • Adhere to the gate times.
  • Poaching and killing any animal is strictly prohibited and punishable by law
  • Feeding any animal will be considered as a serious offense.
  • No pets are allowed into KNP.
  • Firearms/weapons isn’t allowed.
  • Overnight visitors should obey the recognised overnight facilities.
  • Noise pollution is prohibited.
  • Riding roller skates, skateboards, drones, bicycles, motorbikes and quad bikes is prohibited.

VisitorTrack™, a cloud based biometric visitor management software, is highly capable of manage these types of parks and rules that go along with it. It would enhance the security of KNP by a simple check in and check out of all visitors coming into the park. It is a modern, affordable system that supports fingerprint, finger vein, facial, and iris recognition system. VisitorTrack™ could help keep a monitor on some of the “rule breakers” by helping the park know if someone has broken the rules before by attaching these incidents to their biometric .

As security becomes an even bigger priority around the world, a better visitor management system in tourism will now have higher demand than ever. It is critical for us to take serious steps forward and use tools like VisitorTrack™ to continue to make the world a safer place.

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