Why You Need Biometric Visitor Management System for Schools?

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Schools around the world continue to face both internal and external threats to the safety of students and staff. Unfortunately, the daily news seems to be filled with school security incidents, from intruders to violence.

The threat to the students and stuffs of schools around the world is increasing day by day by a large margin. In the USA along, there were 22 school shootings happened in just 20 weeks of 2018. It becomes a serious threat to the safety of our children at the schools.

Using traditional sign-in sheet isn’t enough to improve this situation at all. Criminals are more updated nowadays to forge these simple security systems. Instead of preventing, it allows intruders to operate their crimes easily.

To fight with this ongoing problem, a proper visitor management system could be an effective solution. It can prevent unwanted visitors from entering into the school premise. There will be a record of every visitors passing through the school, so it will be easier to find out the intruders.

In addition, biometric based visitor management system will be more beneficial for school security. It can instantly reject a registered criminals and prevent them to enter the school. Also, the system will include all of the students and stuffs list, so anybody out of them will be checked precisely.

Here are the top reasons you need biometric visitor management system for schools.

  • Prevent unwanted guests:

It is very easy to enter into a school as visitor management means a sign in a sheet only, even sometimes that isn’t necessary too. Intruders take it as a chance and enter into the school premise whenever they want.

A biometric based security system will make this upside down. As everybody will be checked by biometrics traits, it wouldn’t be very comfortable for the intruders. They will think twice before take any attempt.

  • Offenders Watch list:

School authority can integrate the registered sex offenders list with the biometric system, so when any registered offender try to visit the school, they will be rejected instantly.  



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  • In-details reports:

The authorities will receive in-details report of entry and exit of every visitors. They will have the report of types of people who regularly visit the school, and they might be able to identify suspicious behaviors of some visitors.

  • Convenience:

In traditional visitor management system, you need to maintain sign-in sheets, stuffs who are dedicated to monitor this project and so on. Additionally, if you need to know about a suspicious visitor’s information, you have to go through the whole sign-in sheet manually, that would be a nightmare for sure.

Biometric visitor management can eliminate the necessity of maintain paper sheets, extra workforce and other associated costs. The school authority will get the daily update in easier and convenient way.

  • Credibility:

People are now more concerned about their security than ever before. So, instead of using traditional vulnerable security system, adopting the latest security technology will increase the credibility for sure.

Granted, a suitable biometric visitor management system isn’t very common in the market. But, there is a solution that can meet your requirements altogether.

VisitorTrack, a cloud-based biometric visitor management system that eliminates the traditional way of security system like paper logs, visitor sign-In sheets and ID cards. Compare to the other solutions, it is highly affordable, convenient and easy to integrate.

It has multiple benefits including:

  • Cloud-based biometric system
  • Simple integration process
  • Highly secure check-in process
  • Mobile app allows to capture and upload documents
  • Provides digital badge to verify the visitors identity
  • Easily accessible historical data
  • Fast check-in process for the pre-registered visitors

It is high time we need to eliminate the traditional security systems those aren’t capable of secure our kids at the school. We should take every steps that make the school premises highly secured. Biometric visitor management system is the first step that we need to think to tighten the security. Thank you.

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