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Why Every Company Needs VPN Usage to Keep Workplace Secure

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A Cybersecurity Ventures report reveals that by 2021, hacking incidents across the world will cost $6 trillion. Other reports further mention that by 2023, cybercriminals will be able to hack into 33 billion records. There has been a whopping 136% rise in the number of phishing websites as well. Another report by Windows Central reveals that 99.9% of user accounts were compromised because of the lack of multi-factor authentication.

If these statistics have shocked you, you’re probably looking for a solution that would help you stay safe online. Information exchanged between businesses and employees is often highly confidential; hence, it’s imperative to use tools like a VPN, which offers secured web connections for all communications. GlobalWebIndex has pegged the number of VPN users at 400 million, including both consumers and businesses across the world. The VPNs are used to encrypt data and make it impossible to misuse or modify. According to Orbis Research and Statista, the global VPN market will be valued at $36 billion by 2022, up from $20.6 billion in 2018.

Companies concerned about privacy are actively opting for Virtual private networks (VPNs) that offer access control, protection, and anonymity. If you’re not yet familiar with the VPN, it’s about time you learn about the benefits of these tools.  

VPN explained: beginners are welcome

Imagine the internet as a big cloud and your traffic session as a steady stream of bits and bytes traveling through the cloud to their destination. Now, a VPN acts like a tunnel for the safe passage of the traffic to its destination. Thus, no hackers or scammers can take a sneak peek into the packets being transmitted.  

Companies need VPN tools to keep their workplaces secure and prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data stored at their data centers. Thus, when users communicate amongst themselves, all the data transmissions take place over an encrypted channel. Authorized users can connect to each other over a securely encrypted channel. A VPN client can be installed on a variety of communication devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even PCs. VPN offers several benefits to SMEs and even startups. Some of the obvious benefits are listed below.


Executives often have to travel to different locations for carrying out business and marketing operations for the company. Every country has different internet access laws, and some, like China, block access to hundreds of websites. Some countries even ban popular search engines and website services, making the job of a traveling executive extremely challenging. If your work focuses on social media, you might also hit a roadblock during your trips. For instance, if you partner with India, some regions do not access the most popular social media domains. However, if they install a VPN on their devices, they will access websites and online services despite all the restrictions. Thus, the company executives will be able to access the company’s IT network, files stored at data centers, and even vital business information while on the go. 

Convenient remote access

Even a few years back, when employees traveled or wanted to access business data remotely, they had to log in to the company’s data center through a VPN installed on their devices. This was primarily done to access the software or apps stored on the company’s data center. However, with cloud and web services like Salesforce, G-Suite for Business gaining popularity, companies are doing away with their data centers. Now, only a personal VPN service suffices for secure remote access to essential applications and data.  

Enhanced security

Nothing can beat a VPN when it comes to securing communications over the internet. If your employees travel frequently or work from home, they must be remotely accessing the apps and online services over the cloud. You need to protect all the communications from hackers and prying eyes by opting for a reliable VPN service that offers a secure tunnel for data exchange. The end-to-end data encryption ensures that all data packets are secured.  A VPN service is the most secure, inexpensive, and efficient form of data protection in the market. 


Companies are going through extreme financial stress because of the pandemic, and they’re cutting down the budget on things that are non-essential. However, Atlas VPN privacy service for each employee is one of the worthwhile investments that a company can think of, especially considering the importance of data security. So, consider a VPN as a tool that prevents financial losses on a larger scale. 

As you might know, data breaches cost thousands, if not millions, of dollars. If you can effectively prevent such damages, you can save many financial resources for the company’s development and further projects. Another side effect of a data breach is the loss of clients. As it appears, people are more eager to switch to other services if the company is involved in leaks of information. So, do not risk losing clients and help your employees stay safe online.

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