What are the significant steps in sales force management?

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Many business people have this preconceived notion that their businesses’ sales strategy is everything that their companies need. But that is just half true. To do good in any business, you need a team that will carry your work’s burden and ensure that your strategies are being executed.

According to Steve Jobs, ideas are nothing until and unless they are executed, so you should be concerned about sales force management. It does not matter if your business is a start-up or a large enterprise. Sales force management helps your business to grow.

If you want your business to do well, sales force management is your master plan. It helps you understand the most lucrative approach in achieving your set goals for your business and keeps you open to thinking about different ways to expand in your specific area or even in the market.

What does the term ”sales force management” mean?

The term sales force management means managing sales operations and the application and training of methods by which sales are conducted, which helps in achieving set targets and goals.

It can help you to optimize sales cost, which includes advertising and marketing. The sales team consists of the core people of your business as they are representatives of your brand. So, it would help if you took excellent care of them. You should continuously supervise them, train them, and give rewards as incentives to them if they achieve the set targets.

Major steps in sales force management

Sales force management is implementing salesforce functions in the market, including planning, executing the plan, and analysing.

1.     Proper evaluation and control of the sales team

The people sitting in management must keep an eye on and manage the total sales function; it does not end here. They also have to evaluate every sales person. The people in management have to ensure that the sales function works as a whole, and for that, they need to be adequately trained and allocated to their respective territories. If the sales teams are not able to deliver the results, they should be analysed to check if the given strategies are being followed.

You should maintain a database of every salesperson. Their performance should be measured according to the standard you have decided. You should also check that the standards set by you are in line with the remuneration that he is being given, or else there is always a risk of losing that particular person to a competitor.

Communication is the key to success in any industry, and sales are no different. There should always be back and forth communication between the management and the sales team. They should always exchange feedback and solutions.

2.     Sales Force Capacity

Many factors determine the capacity of the sales force; it includes competition, the given budget for the sales function, and environmental factors. It becomes quite challenging to go through these factors in the form of just quantitative data and judge the sales force’s capacity. However, it most definitely helps you to put a specific estimate. Based on these factors, you as a part of the management can make changes in the sales people’s deployment.

3.     Proper plotting of sales force strategy

The overall targets are the basis of the individual targets of the salesmen. The targets are a blueprint for what the organization is aiming for. For instance, it can be aiming for new products, on new clients or existing clients and existing products. Not only should you, as a core part of the management, focus on the performance of the sales team but also the understanding of the market. You should develop the strategy keeping in mind all the factors.

4.     Selection and Recruitment

To achieve success in sales function, it’s essential to have good sales people. A top-notch salesperson increases the number of customers for the company and increases the company’s revenue. The Human Resource department gets applications from the company’s website, counselling agencies, and various other ways.

An HR should look to make sure that the selected candidates are enthusiastic about their job, confident, and have a pleasing personality. Customers always tend to believe in a person who is trustworthy and knowledgeable.

5.     Adequate Compensation and remuneration

To make sure that you select the right sales people, you must fix a planned compensation scheme. This compensation or remuneration scheme should consist of fixed salary, travel allowances, health benefits, and the sales person’s expenses. All these factors should be kept in mind while deciding the compensation of a salesperson.

You must ensure that the salesperson is adequately compensated so that it keeps him motivated. You can also advise your salespeople to use the BRRRR method so that they don’t solely depend on the remuneration given by the company and earn passively.


There were some of the major steps in sales force management. The sales team is the soul of your business, as they are the ones who represent your brand. They should be properly compensated so that it keeps them motivated. You should make them feel that they are an integral part of the company.

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