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Fingerprint identification stepped into the modern age of technology in the early 21st century, and industry was revolted after introducing the Automated Fingerprint Identification System. In the last decade, fingerprint identification gained tremendous popularity in many sectors. The reflection is now seen everywhere; having national identification, unlocking mobile phones, laptops, gaining access to a restricted area, clocking time & attendance, and for secure transaction. The rapid adoption of fingerprint identification influences different business industries to implement the system. Fingerprint API is the breakthrough innovation and a set of subroutine instructions, protocols, and tools for building software to enable connectivity among various components.

Must-Have Features of a Fingerprint API


It allows us to respond with the component of any web application that eliminates the limitation of use with the customized system only. This flexibility advances the implementation and deployment process at the fingertips.

Faster 1: N Matching

Matching time is one of the most critical differentiators while choosing a fingerprint API. You should look for the API that performs the fastest matching from the biometric system. The capability of de-duplication may add values to your project, so if you find any API that comes with a de-duplication system, you should go for that.

Easy Integration

API should be versatile for integrating fingerprint with any web or mobile application. Before choosing a biometric API, check its functionality to support the components of C#, Java, PHP, C/C++, Delphi, V.B., etc.

Avoid Vendor Lock-in

The fingerprint is the most common modality of biometric identification. The traditional fingerprint identification system supports specific hardware that creates dependency. Try to choose a unimodal API that supports several biometric modalities like a fingerprint, finger vein, iris, facial recognition, and the array of standardized hardware.

SaaS Pricing

Technology is the most dynamic thing that continues with the development process. It is better to choose a fingerprint API that is cloud-based and offers affordable pricing like SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). This feature will allow you to avail the service as per your project size or requirement.


Enjoy the advancement of technology. Kick off the unnecessary burden of maintaining designated I.T. infrastructure, the cost associated with developing and upgrading a reliable fingerprint identification system choosing the best API.

CloudABIS: A Cloud-Based ABIS System

CloudABIS is a superscalar biometrics-as-a-service (BaaS) matching system built with over 15 years of experience in large-scale biometric technology projects. It is the perfect choice for your fingerprint biometric projects because of following groundbreaking reasons:

  • Integration is a matter of hours with our easy API
  • Supports fingerprint, finger vein, face and iris recognition
  • Plug-and-play client-side deployment supporting various biometric devices and any web browser
  • Simplifies your model, provides freedom and removes friction from your implementation
  • Affordable, straightforward SaaS pricing model

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