Top 4 Digital Fingerprint Machine for Law Enforcement

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Criminal fingerprint database is one of the most important assets for every law enforcement agencies. The army needs a fingerprint database to secure access to their critical data from the enemy. Police need it to identify suspect, or to check criminal records. Prison authorities need it to identify inmates and to manage their facilities, visitors and stuff. But while performing these actions, law enforcement agencies are facing the need of portability to ensure ease of access to information from remote locations and to increase efficiency. That’s why the demand for portable digital fingerprint machine is growing among the law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Top 4 Portable Digital Fingerprint Machine for Law Enforcement

Today we are going to look at the top 4 portable digital fingerprint machines.  These are specifically designed to meet the need of law enforcement agencies:

RapidCheck™ – Portable Digital Fingerprint Scanner

This most exceptional rugged build mobile digital fingerprint device is the perfect device for law enforcement agencies. It has a powerful 8-megapixel camera.  It is perfect for clear fingerprint scanning that is helpful for every law enforcement agencies. Moreover, it supports accurate location tracking essential for track location in the remote area. The RapidCheck™ is compact that can be kept in the pocket.  Besides its lightweight capability makes it a perfect portable digital fingerprint machine for law enforcement agencies, like police, army air force, etc.

MULTICHECK™-C – Mobile Multi-Biometric Scanner

Powerful, compact device and comes with the jaw-dropping specification that suits perfectly to the law enforcement agencies need. Yes, it is the perfect match keeping all the requirement of law enforcement agencies. Such as police have to work for the whole day, army tend to work in places that have poor internet connectivity. Moreover, their pattern of work required something to be used in rough weather. MULTICHECK-C™ has 5000mAH battery support to ensure day-long work for the police. Its rugged build design is enough to use this device anywhere and its multimodal support help law enforcement agencies to use different biometrics when required.



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MULTICHECK™-E – Portable Fingerprint And Iris Scanner

MULTICHECK-E™  is the newest addition of M2SYS. This versatile digital fingerprint machine supports multiple modalities that include fingerprint, face, and iris. It can grab high-quality dual iris scan with a fantastic accuracy of FRR: less than 0.1% & FAR: less than 0.0001%. Moreover, it is equipped with liveness detection technology that makes law enforcement agencies more robust and efficient.

MultiTab™ – Biometric Tablet

Tablet pc works as the substitute of the laptop. You cannot take a laptop everywhere, but you can take your tablet pc everywhere you move. Due to it’s bigger screen size it makes work more natural and comfortable. MultiTab™ a biometric tablet for law enforcement agencies. This fast and powerful 8-inch Tablet supports multiple modalities that include fingerprint and iris. It has powerful 8000mAH long-lasting battery life that can assist law enforcement agencies for the most extended hour. Moreover, it’s customizable feature make it best suit for them. Here they can create an instant application in the CloudApper™ platform according to their need.

Biometric portable devices are comfortable to carry. Rugged build design to be used in any place. In short, this device can make law enforcement agencies work faster, accurate and productive. If you would like to use one such portable fingerprint machine for your organization feel free to contact us. We are M2SYS having 17 years of expertise in biometric sure to give you the best solution.

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5 thoughts on “Top 4 Digital Fingerprint Machine for Law Enforcement

  • January 12, 2022 at 1:05 pm

    How about finger (thumb) print scanners for elections. For mail in ballots, thumb print included on envelope covered for security and opened at the monitored central ballot counting area. No more trying to compare signatures and duplicating almost impossible. Think how many fingerprint scanners would be needed thus an initial profit motive to get started.

  • December 15, 2022 at 4:40 am

    I would suggest secugen device for law enforcement activates as they have a great reputation and the hamster series is FBI certified. This just my personal opinion 🙂

  • January 11, 2023 at 6:45 am

    Thanks for sharing this article. After reading this article my company decided to for for RapidCheck device. This mobile biometric devices can be used anywhere, at any time, as long as the user has their mobile device with them. This allows for a more convenient and flexible authentication process.

  • January 11, 2023 at 6:59 am

    The use of mobile biometric technology is getting much popular these days thanks to awesome devices like Rapidcheck. If you are planning to use mobile based biometrics I would strongly recommend RapidCheck or Multicheck.

  • February 27, 2023 at 5:35 am

    Thanks for sharing the Knowledgable blog with us.


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