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Preventing HIPAA Breaches Using These Cost-Effective Invoicing Applications

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Meeting HIPAA compliance regulations in 2022 is of supreme importance to any health organization that wants to protect their client’s (and their own) data from getting compromised or stolen.  

Private health records, financial details, and identity information is all vulnerable data that need proper protection from prying eyes. One way for companies such as hospitals and clinics that have access to this kind of data to protect it is to utilize a HIPAA compliance-adjacent invoicing application. 

With a safe, affordable, and highly secure invoicing application system, any organization can meet their respective HIPAA compliance regulations. At the same time, they can ensure that they have total control over the security of both their own and their client’s private data. 

What Is A HIPAA Breach? 

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. A HIPAA breach occurs when someone’s Protected Health Information (PHI) gets stolen or disclosed without consent. PHI can include a wide berth of different personal information, such: 

  • A person’s full name
  • Birth date
  • Home address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Social security number
  • Health insurance ID number
  • Full facial photos
  • Private health records 

When PHI is not properly protected, that information is vulnerable and can easily get stolen by a cybercriminal and used for the purpose of exploitation or financial theft. Insecure PHI can lead to some pretty devastating cyber-attacks, including phishing and cloud attacks. 

But a HIPAA doesn’t just occur when an outsider hacks into the system. It can also occur due to negligence or malicious intent from within an organization. If the information is not obtained, handled, and stored properly, that data may get accidentally leaked. 

One way for organizations to prevent HIPAA breaches that put their clients’ and partners’ data at risk is to use a secure invoicing application. Billing systems typically have access to clients’ private data, which makes them a target for cybercriminals and a weak spot for human negligence. 

Best Invoicing Applications To Prevent HIPAA Breaches 

Fortunately, protecting PHI is not something any company has to do on its own. With the support and security provided by an approved invoicing application, data can be managed and stored safely without the major risk of getting compromised. 

These invoicing applications exist to help your organization keep up with HIPAA compliance regulations and maintain a strong grip over any private data that is being handled. 

Here are seven of the best:

  • Cliniko 

Cliniko is one of the most popular invoicing applications for medical practitioners in the US. Equipped with a state-of-the-art online booking system, health organizations can easily manage appointment scheduling, treatment records, online bookings, and invoicing. 

This invoice application is an all-rounder, allowing users to manage a wide variety of different administrative roles while keeping all the information completely secure and resistant to cyberattacks. Depending on the number of practitioners in your company, Cliniko costs start at $45 per month. 

  • NetSuite ERP 

If you prefer a cloud-based system, NetSuite ERP might be a better option for your practice. Both cloud-based and developer-hosted, NetSuite ERP advertises itself as the “world’s most deployed cloud ERP” used in over 140,000 clinics and health practices around the world. 

From departmental finances and invoicing to operations and HR needs, NetSuite ERP can improve employee productivity, provide cross-system software integration, and reduce technology support costs, all in addition to keeping your client’s data safe. 

  • Xledger 

This project, finance, and general business management application can be used in just about any professional workplace that handles private client data. Xledger is equipped to provide everything from basic accounting automation to OCR data entry and protection. 

Xledger is a fully integrated system that can connect and integrate with other administrative software channels, bringing cohesiveness to your data management process. 

It comes complete with timesheets, logistics, a dashboard, and high-efficiency data security measures. With Xledger, you get to choose how much you pay based on which features you want to use. 

  • Sage Intacct 

This is a financial management software system to be proud of. Sage Intacct was created by financial professionals for financial professionals, so you know the system includes everything you might need regarding management, security, integration, and more. Plus, it’s only $85 per month. 

Some of Sage Intacct’s best features include automation of manual processes (such as invoicing), highly secure user-only access via a SaaS delivery model, and improved decision-making for more accurate, accessible financial data. Perfect for mid-to-large scale organizations that deal with a broad client base. 

  • Lytec 

Designed specifically for the management of a medical facility, Lytec is a popular application that comes with the added benefit of a rigorous data protection program. Through the Lytec system, you can handle the scheduling, booking, invoicing, and even revenue management in one central platform. 

Something great about this application is its option for either a cloud-based or a stand-alone network system. You get to pick what works best and stick with it. A Lytec cloud costs about $70 per month. 

  • Freshbooks 

Designed with smaller businesses in mind but easily scalable for larger enterprises, Freshbooks is a popular cloud-based online accounting solution for medical practices that need a simple but effective financial management system. Based online, you can access Freshbooks from anywhere in the world on desktop or mobile and manage billing, time tracking, and other accounting information with ease. 

Freshbooks is extremely affordable and offers a wealth of free invoice templates and other valuable resources at no cost. Plus, there’s a free trial period. Pricing is tiered and starts at $4.50 per month.

  • Medisoft 

Created for independent physicians who need a small-scale but focused approach to data management, Medisoft is perfect for newly established practices and medical professionals. Delivering streamlined scheduling services and billing functions, client data is always well managed and safe. 

Medisoft also features newly developed mobile computing technology for portable management, as well as revenue management tools to keep your finances on track—and for only $70 per month. 

Reducing Risk With The Right Software

Managing your client’s data with care forms a part of your duty to them as a patient. With these cost-effective invoicing applications, you can adhere to HIPAA compliance regulations and significantly reduce the risk of a cyberattack or data breach.

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