Perks of Cloud-Based Biometric Identification

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This guest post is submitted by Saurabh Gupta

If you have been a technology buff then you must be aware about the increasing popularity of cloud computing-based applications in the business solutions. The influx of cloud computing marked the beginning of a completely new era of technological advancement and it has become an integral part of the modern-day world. Whether you are uploading photos on Facebook or accessing your business solution from a completely different corner of the world, cloud computing is present everywhere. But the biggest challenge that comes along with cloud computing is the security and safety of data.

The number of cyberattacks is on the rise from the past 3–4 years and even after the implementation of so many security measures and pouring hefty amount of money, the criminals and hackers don’t seem like slowing down. Although there are many types of security risks that can be related to cloud computing but the most common one id password breach and hacking. These types of cyberattacks is mostly a result of unauthorized access. Cloud-based biometric identification looks like a panacea to all the problems related to unauthorized access on the cloud platform. And that’s what we are going to address in this blog post.

In the cloud-based biometric identification, unique traits of the user like fingerprint and face are used for giving access. In most of the cloud-based biometric identification, fingerprint is used. You just need to register your fingerprint with the cloud provider and every time you will log in through your fingerprint, the cloud provider will match it with the templates of fingerprints stored in this database. Cloud-based biometric identification is proving to be the best line of defense against each and every type of unauthorized access on the cloud platform.

So, let’s see, what is the benefit of choosing a cloud-based biometric identification.

  • Cloud-based biometric identification is proving to be one of the best forms of identification for banks and government organizations. This is why such organizations are flocking to the new cloud-based biometric identification instead of the old and traditional identification process that involves only a password and login-id. In addition to banks and government, financial institutions and high-security firms are also using cloud-based biometric identification. With the help of such an advanced identification solution, organizations are able to identify people swiftly, reliability and consistency.
  • One of the biggest advantages of cloud-based biometric identification is increased the accuracy of identification. If you are using the old and traditional method of identification then the accuracy of identification is not that good since anyone with the login credential can access the data. But when it comes to cloud-based biometric identification then the chances of unauthorized access are nullified since no one can steal your fingerprint and that’s how this type of identification on the cloud platform offers maximum accuracy. Superior accuracy is one of the main reasons why big organizations are now moving to cloud-based biometric identification.
  • Advanced security is another main advantage of cloud-based biometric identification. Most of the people suggest using a strong password with upper case, unique symbol and an odd combination of letters. But even after so much precaution, you will always be prone to password hack and identity theft. Hackers and criminals have developed different techniques to steal your login credential but that is not the case with cloud-based biometric identification. Most of the users working with cloud-based biometric identification say that they have been able to get bank-level security from the biometric identification system.
  • You should know that biometric identification system is less exposed to damage and sudden changes and that’s another unique advantage of this advanced identification system that you will not be able to find anywhere else. This is because, all the unique traits used in the cloud based biometric identification system like retina, fingerprint, face, voice, pulse and DNA are likely to damage and sudden change. This is why all those people who use cloud based biometric identification are less prone to being locked out of their system.
  • In addition to all the above-mentioned advantages, cloud based biometric identification is less time consuming, user-friendly, requires no training, hard to falsify, dependable and is inexpensive as well. You will never find so many advantages in any other type of cloud based identification system whether it is two factor authentication system or multiple password login proces. Since the data of the fingerprint and face is stored in encrypted format, it becomes impossible for criminals to use any method to alter the login process.

All these advantages make cloud based biometric identification, the best identification system of the modern world. But in the coming future, we will see many improvements in the cloud based biometric identification system.

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Saurabh Gupta is currently working as a senior content writer at MyQBHost, a QuickBooks cloud hosting company and the two things which matters the most to him is technology and writing. Cloud computing, Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity is what he loves the most.

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