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6 Most Practical Techniques to Boost Employee Productivity

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In simple words, ‘Productivity’ means the measure of the output vs the input. Employee Productivity (often referred to as ‘Workforce Productivity) is a measure of how a particular employee or a team is performing in the workplace compared to the given input or time or other employees. It is basically a performance indicator for the employee or the team.

Better employee productivity is a key feature for a better result of the overall company. So, in every business, this thing must be taken into serious consideration. More the productivity, the better the result.

Keeping your employees motivated and extracting the best out of them might seem a difficult task to do. To be honest, no one single factor can do that for you. But there are several techniques which you should keep an eye on. And that will definitely work out in a positive way.

Let’s take a look at those techniques.

6 Most Effective Techniques to Increase Employee Productivity-

1.      Proper Screening and Training –

Analyzing and selecting the right person for a specific job might be a challenging job, but this is the first step towards better productivity. Some people work for any reason they also even don’t know, some just want to earn money during some vacation, some are passionate about their work. So, choosing the right candidate is the prime choice to make.

After the selection process, the candidate should be well trained for the given job profile. The company has to take care of the matter of whether the employees in their early days are getting proper training or not. For example- a person who works in website development should know about the best website builders. Good training will obviously give good results.

2.      Work Environment –

The environment has always had a great impact on human psychology. People naturally tend to be happier and more joyous in a good environment. And a happy mind will always give a better result than the others.

Try to keep the office clean. Make sure to have some natural lights, maybe some green plants. Cleanliness is mandatory. A quiet office environment gives the employees a calm and focused mind towards their work, which in turn gives a better output overall.

3.      Optimize Meetings –

Meetings can be constructive but it can be a complete-time waste as well. Don’t opt for frequent meetings even on small matters. Arrange one if it is too necessary.

E-mail is a great option for corporate communication. Instead of frequent meetings, we can simply do a mail burst to the employees when it’s needed. Keep the emails short and precise. This will both save time and keep the communication authentic.

You should never call too many people to the meetings. This will simply increase the chaos. Omit the people who are not so necessary. Keep it limited to the important ones and tell them to further spread the message to their colleagues and subordinates.

4.      Improve Communication –

“Teamwork makes a Dreamwork”, we all have heard about the proverb. This means, when you work as a team the output would be the maximum. And to build a good team first you have to build and maintain great communication among each other.

Highly productive teamwork neither happens overnight nor accidentally. You have to build the team from the beginning. Communicate with the employees, talk in a good manner, sometimes throw a party or arrange some get together.

This will help the employees to gel up with other people and they will get comfortable. Make some casual meetings sometimes. Let them speak about their problems or likings listen to them. This makes a very healthy relationship between the team members.

Communication is a tool to create a better understanding of each other. But it can have an adverse effect also, if not done in a proper manner. Like, an official email in the middle of the night can destroy your employee’s peace and make them stressed.

Which in turn, would decrease his productivity on the next day in the office. Never make those mistakes.

5.      Give Perks to The Employee –

Perks are a great way to boost the confidence of the employee. This makes them happy and more dedicated to their work. It creates a very healthy competition among each other as well.

All the big giants like Google and Facebook or other famous entrepreneurs around the globe believe the perks are a very good key to drag better productivity. And if these big people think this way, you can easily go for that.

You might not give perks like those big companies but you can surely do some small things to make them happy. Like –

  • Throw an official party
  • Praise them for good performances
  • Gift them on their birthdays or special occasions

And maybe something else according to your plan and budget. Try this one.

6.      Boost employee productivity with monitoring tools –

Managers will try their best to expand employee skills and performance levels by giving on-the-spot feedback on the tasks. While it sounds obvious and normal for office environments, giving an instant opinion on each task is not always a viable option for managerial personnel.

To make sure your employees are performing at the optimum level despite the physical distance from the upper hierarchy, use CloudDesk® remote employee monitoring software. This affordable tool helps to keep track of employee work hours and lets you analyze performance by checking productive and idle times.

It also takes random screenshots of the computers to make sure employees are doing their jobs the right way. Employees can work flexible time with this tool by pausing the time clock whenever they need it, which helps to increase job satisfaction level as well. Use CloudDesk® with the 14-day demo and use these features to secure employee productivity.


These are the small details that you can take care of to make a healthy and effective work atmosphere in your office. As told earlier, no single factor can do the betterment alone, but if maintaining each one positively will give us a good result.

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