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Cost-effective Premium Quality Web Hosting Services

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A lot of users hold the conception that businesses which offer low prices for their services provide low quality. For web hosting service providers, the opposite is the case considering that it takes a provider with exceptional quality service to win over the one user all other rivals are competing to get. That’s how outstanding Hostens is, as a web hosting service provider whose strategy is geared towards quality than only making cash for itself.


Hostens is a go-to fun place built on the premise that low price doesn’t always translate to low quality. It proves its case practically! Hence, you only need to make a wise choice and the best quality hosting service will be yours to enjoy while also saving money. 

Tiny Hamster and a friendly Hostens support team

As a dedicated hard worker, Hamster has put a lot of energy in making sure Hostens offers nothing short of high-quality services. Hostens also takes great pride in offering not only extraordinary friendly but also a professional support team. 

The fact that many users are not experts in this hosting field is the reason Hamster’s Hostens has a team of IT experts readily available 24/7 to ensure that any issues your website encounters get solved with immediate effect. Rest assured that the hosting services we offer are 99.95% SLA available. 

Transparent deals only

Whether you’re a small business or an individual that needs web hosting services, Hostens is focused on serving you with the best quality services and prices that come with no hidden conditions. With Hostens, you don’t have to deal with any “unlimited” resources. Rather, you will get a deal that precisely specifies the hosting packages’ resources you’re getting. Hostens believes that it’s a user’s right to know without reservation everything packaged for their hard end money. 

Wondering where to begin?

Whatever activities of yours you want to create a website about and share to the world, consider starting with taking lively photos of them and posting online. It can be sport, brewing your own beer, doing handcrafts etc. 

Hostens hamster is your best go-to professional who’s eager to make your first website blossom, irrespective of whether you need a domain name, web hosting or website building. The good thing is that Hamster understands the difficulties which come with having a website, especially for the first time. If you’re a total newbie, Hostens welcomes you with a free domain. 

Come up with a catchy name for your website, and Hamster will get you a domain as a gift. Only $0.90 /mo is a great amount to start the launch of your amazing website at Hostens.

What does website builder even mean?

A website builder is a website building platform in which a user can easily drag and drop content into it. It allows you to see how your website looks in the process as you drag images using a mouse button, upload images or open new windows. It’s simply super user-friendly. With every block, there are flexible settings as well as harmonious proportions. 

Check out Hostens free website builder here.

The design enables you to apply changes to the individual components, adding full-screen images in different colors, multimedia and video, title and text combinations. More excitingly, the fantastic builder comes completely free of charge in all web hosting packages. 

How about security?

As a one-stop-shop, Hostens has invested so much on all the requirements that make websites strong and security is a big part of it. This means SPAM isn’t going to bother your site as you can use a professional SPAM filter to secure your email.

For the protection of your customers’ data from leakage, an SSL certificate is worth bringing in ( Hamster also equips Hostens servers with enough monitoring systems for adequate customer security. 

What a tiny country with a rather powerful network

“Interneto vizija” is the leading web hosting provider in Lithuania and Hostens is a branch of it. This petit country, Lithuania, unknown to many outside of Europe is located at the center of Europe. When it comes to super-fast or the fastest internet globally as per certain statistics, Lithuania leads the way. 

Their data transmission network is state-of-the-art. No surprise, Hamster like many other tech-savvy experts rank it as the number one spot to build a datacenter. Check out the cutting-edge datacenter at Hostens that safely hosts your website data here.

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