5 Advantages of Efficient Workforce Management

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The world is rapidly evolving fueled by new technologies that exist to create efficiencies never thought possible. In workforce management, many companies are considering the adoption of new technologies such as biometrics to create efficiencies and save money.

For example, fingerprint, finger vein, iris, and palm vein biometrics are common modalities garnering more attention around the world as viable solutions that can be used for individual identification in different areas such as identity management, employee time and attendance, point of sale (POS) access, and more. The use of biometrics to create workforce management efficiencies is a growing trend to increase identification accuracy and security as well as to boost employee accountability, productivity, and business profits.

An efficient workforce management program could be the x factor of your business by offering unrealized cost savings. In the absence of an efficient, risk adverse workforce management plan, there is a good chance that businesses could expose themselves to unexpected fraud and payroll losses. In this post we will provide some practical advantages of ditching ID cards, PINS, and passwords for biometrics when identifying employees in workforce management.

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Here are 5 advantages of using biometrics to create workforce management efficiencies and cost savings:


1. Increases Productivity

Old-fashioned time and attendance systems aren’t suitable to provide accurate employee productivity tracking reports. Biometrics allows you to eliminate office time theft and decrease staffing overhead. It removes unnecessary time spent by clocking in and out, reconciling paper timesheets and buddy punching. In addition, by eliminating the practice of keeping manual time and attendance records, biometric time clocks increase workforce management efficiency.

2. Automation

In a conventional workforce management system, managers shouldn’t be busy all day with monitoring and calculating employee time and attendance. Instead, they should pay more attention to improving employee productivity and accountability which will save money on labor costs. Now is the time to reform cumbersome administrative tasks which waste a gigantic percentage of management work hours. You can automate a workforce management time and attendance system by installing a biometric time clock in your office.

3. Decreases Error Rates

Workforce management automation reduces error rates for payroll, human resources (HR), and Quality and Assurance (QA) departments to help eliminate unnecessary expenses. Workforce automation helps to consolidate many lines of communication to reduce error rates caused by manual payroll calculation. Automating workforce management time and attendance payroll systems with a biometric time clock will help eliminate errors and make sure that complex payment standards are being followed with precision.

4. Cost Savings

An efficient workforce management system which utilizes a biometric time clock will save money by eliminating staff overhead expenses, employee passwords resets, and replacing lost or stolen ID cards. Biometric time clocks eliminate the necessity of manual time calculations which will not only saves money and time that can be re-allocated to alternate initiatives.

5. Eliminates Employee Time Theft

A recent research report shows that employee time theft costs US employers $400 billion per year. To reduce these costs employers rely on multiple gadgets like security cameras, barcode swipe cards, and personal identification numbers (PINs) which are inefficient and costly compared to a biometric time clock. A biometric time clock will provide you accurate audit of employee time and attendance that makes your monthly audit report impeccable.

Furthermore, implementing a biometric time clock would be the best solution for workforce management because of identification credibility – no one else can claim another employee’s identity or use their credentials to punch in or out. You may need a biometric time clock to prevent buddy punching, eliminate time theft, increase employee productivity and, last but not least, raise your profits. Now is the time to consider investing in a biometric time clock, considering the benefits and potential cost savings to improve workforce management.

Building a productive workforce begins by analyzing the automation of workforce management services that create efficiencies. Helping to ensure employees are happy, healthy, and have excellent is an important, additional element that can save money and reduce costs. At the end of the day, the goal is always maximizing ROI, so plan wisely and execute smartly.

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One thought on “5 Advantages of Efficient Workforce Management

  • January 1, 2023 at 7:02 am

    Efficient workforce management can provide several benefits to organizations. By managing their workforce effectively, organizations can ensure that employees work at their full potential, leading to increased productivity. Efficient workforce management can help organizations respond more quickly to customer needs, leading to better customer satisfaction.


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