Biometric Security: Smartphone Companies Keep Things Excited

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The two biggest phone companies Samsung and Apple recently came up with new products with innovative biometric features. The most innovative is Samsung which introduced an iris scanner in their new Galaxy Note 8, iris is the most accurate form of biometric. Apple also introduced biometrics with their 3D face scanning technology. Even other big phone companies such as LG introduced voice security to their newest device.

Now fingerprint technology is not even discussed when talking about all the innovative ways biometrics is being used in smartphones. Smartphones are holding more important data than ever before due to all of the capabilities of the devices now. Passwords, patterns, and encryption is  easy for professional hackers to get around.  Because of this, the smartphone giants started to integrate these biometric measures into their system. Using technologies such as fingerprint and iris technology guarantee the highest level of security.

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Samsung, introduced different layer of securities in their new smartphones. The smartphone uses an infrared ray from the front camera to scan the iris in a non-contact way. Using the infrared technology allows the function to work in any surrounding environments. The smartphone also has a face detection technology that can read an individual’s face and identify it from other’s. The system uses deep learning that enables it to increase accuracy over various scans. It can even detect and identify an individual if an angle of their face is not matching the first scan.

On the contrary, Apple came up with 3D face recognition technology in their new iPhone X. This system scans the face in real time using a front infrared camera. Face ID as Apple calls it uses greater than 30,000 dots, not visible to the user, to create a perfect in depth mapping of the user’s face. So it can detect and identify an individual’s face even if that person is wearing glasses, a hat, or scarf. It will even recognize the user if they grow a beard or change hairstyles. Face ID only unlocks the device when users directly looks into the device. No photos will work because of the 3D scanning aspect.

LG Electronics in their new smartphone has loaded a voice recognition system that has 21 voice recognition functions. The voice recognition analyzes an individual’s unique pronunciations, voice wave types, speaking speed, pitches and accents.

Although there are all sorts of biometric authentications, all the companies suggests to use the fingerprint and iris as the highest level of security for the users. As smartphones continue to become more technologically advanced, biometrics figures to continue to play a key role.

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