Evaluating the Effectiveness of Using MultiModal Biometrics for Border Control

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As the speed and complexity increases to maintain safe borders across the globe for citizen and tourist travel, many governments have proactively implemented biometric identification management systems. However, most of these deployments include the use of a unimodal system (one biometric modality) for traveler identification accuracy.

As the pressure mounts to further tighten border security in the wake of a rise in global terrorism and crime, more and more governments are upgrading their unimodal biometric identification management systems to multimodal solutions which require two, sometimes three biometric credentials for authentication and safe passage. This shift change to adopting more multimodal biometric systems for border control coincides with implementing modern biometric modalities beyond the use of fingerprints which is the most traditional biometric modality for identification. More multimodal biometric identification systems for border control are implementing facial and iris recognition for example in addition to fingerprint credentials.



Biometric Based Traveler Identification

Key Features:

Stop criminals from using fake identification to cross borders and facilitate fast, safe crossing for common travelers to enable growth in commerce and tourism

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Interested in learning more about the adoption of multimodal biometrics to secure borders? Read more in our most recent guest article written by our own Arifin Hussain, published by our friends at planetbiometrics.com.

Do you feel that the use of multimodal biometric systems will help to keep borders safe?

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