Redefine Biometric Authentication Using Mobile Biometrics Software

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The biometrics industry has seen major advancements in recent years, and mobile biometrics is one of the major updates. The widespread adoption of smartphones has only increased the use of mobile biometrics across different sectors, including eGov, law enforcement, and so on. To understand the benefits of mobile biometrics software, you first need to understand how mobile biometrics is redefining biometric authentication. 

What is Biometric Authentication & Identification? 

Biometric authentication is a security procedure that uses an individual’s unique biological traits to confirm they are who they claim to be. Biometric authentication systems compare physical or behavioral characteristics to data that has been verified and recorded in a database. Authentication is validated if both samples of biometric data match. Biometric authentication is often used to control who can get into buildings, rooms, and computer equipment, among other things.

Biometric identification employs biometrics to identify a person, such as fingerprints or retina scans, whereas biometric authentication uses biometrics to verify that people are who they claim to be. In simple words, identification confirms that the person belongs to a certain group of people who have access to any specific area or information. Authentication simply proves the identity claim of any individual. Whether it is identification or authentication, mobile biometrics can revamp both and aid field-level biometrics needs. 

What is Mobile Biometrics Authentication? 

Mobile biometric authentication identifies and validates the identity of a person attempting to access a mobile app. It may be done in a variety of ways, including fingerprint readers, face recognition, vein recognition, and more.

To process this biometric data, you must run complicated algorithms that need a large number of devices and a lot of electricity. Biometric data is frequently captured and matched using a laptop or desktop PC. But what if you require biometric identification while on the road or in the field? Will you be able to transport a laptop? That is why M2SYS has created a Mobile Biometrics Solution to eliminate the need for you to carry superfluous gadgets. 

You can transform any smartphone or tablet into a biometric device by utilizing the M2SYS Mobile Biometrics Solutions Suite. Furthermore, M2SYS eGov provides customizable mobile and online apps for field-level biometrics demands.

Devices for Mobile Biometrics

When it comes to mobile biometrics, the device is vital. Another critical aspect that cannot be overlooked is the app. Mobile biometrics is completely useless without these two components. So, let’s talk about devices. 

Fingerprint Devices for Mobile Biometrics 

To implement mobile biometrics for fingerprints, you need to integrate portable fingerprint devices and any Android tablet or smartphone. Depending on your biometric device, you will need to connect it via Bluetooth or OTG. Here are a few popular fingerprint devices for mobile biometrics: 

  1. Secugen Unity 20 Bluetooth
  2. Secugen Hamster Pro 20
  3. Digital Persona U.are.U 4500HD
  4. Secugen Hamster Plus
  5. Integrated Biometrics Watson Mini

Facial Recognition for Mobile Biometrics

If you are looking for facial recognition using mobile biometrics, you do not need to invest in any extra hardware. You can use Android and IOS devices for facial recognition. You can easily turn the front-facing camera of your device into a biometric face recognition tool just by using the eGov software solutions.

Mobile Biometrics Software

You may have a great biometric device, but without apps, the devices are useless. The mobile biometric software solution is powered by the M2SYS eGov platform, and it offers both mobile apps and web applications. The mobile apps offered by the eGov platform help you to take your biometric projects in the field. Here are a few reasons why you should try the platform. 

1. Supported Devices

The eGov platform supports all kinds of biometric devices from different modalities. The best part is that, currently, there are tons of pre-supported devices, and if you need any device that is not currently supported, we will make it available for you.

2. Unlimited Apps

eGov also has pre-built applications that can be deployed instantly. The existing applications can be used by both government and business organizations. You can even create your own app using the platform, and you don’t need to know how to code to achieve it. 

3. Highly Customizable

We understand that each government has its own set of rules and work processes. With this in mind, we developed the platform in such a way that you can bend the whole app to fit your bespoke needs, without writing a single line of code. 

There is no doubt that mobile biometrics is the future of biometric technology, and with the help of our Mobile Biometrics software, you can enjoy the benefits of biometric technology in the field. If you’re interested, do not hesitate to contact us today. 

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