Digitally Manage Law Enforcement Activities

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Law enforcement agencies are responsible for jails, courts, search & rescue, and more. There are different divisions within the agency. The processing unit is among the most important, as it deals with offenders’ intake and release. To avoid multiple entries for frequent offenders, many units have introduced fingerprint biometrics linked with Global Tel Link’s DSI Offenders Management System. This not only helps them to manage Law Enforcement Activities digitally but also avoids multiple entries.  

The Problem with Multiple Entries 

Many law enforcement agencies face a similar issue. They manage a database of offenders, but frequent offenders may be registered under a name every time they are booked for a new crime. The law enforcement agencies always kept a note with images of offenders, but it was almost impossible to recall under which name they were previously registered. Due to the resulting misinformation, law enforcement agencies need to digitally authenticate the offenders to avoid any information gap. 

As multiple offenses lead to more severe penalties, repeat offenders tend to register under different names. Law enforcement agencies need to know if the offenders have a criminal record. Matching the previous photographs with offenders and going through a pile of papers is not feasible, and the chance of booking one offender under multiple names is high.

In addition, it is not possible to remember the names of all the offenders who committed multiple offenses. This is one of the main reasons why law enforcement agencies need to implement an automated solution for the identification and authentication of offenders.

Fingerprint For Identification & Authentication 

The problem law enforcement agencies are facing has only one solution: biometric identification. It is almost impossible to spoof biometric identification, and when you are inside a law enforcement facility, it is out of the question. 

Law enforcement agencies implement fingerprint biometric identification linked to DSI OMS. This system manages offender information. When an offender checks into or out of the Sheriff’s Office, all sorts of information is stored, including the offender’s initial intake, charges, number of properties, and more. The authentication is taken care of by the DSI OMS fingerprint. Now there’s no chance of duplicating entries, and all related information is digital. 

Offenders go through a fingerprint reader while taking their mug shots to maintain this digital database. This either identifies the offender or enrolls them into the system. Upon release from prison, offenders go through two readers. This time the person is only authenticated to make sure officers release the right person. If they release the wrong person, law enforcement’s reputation and public safety are at risk.

A Mobile Unit has also been introduced for on-spot biometric identification during any incident. This helps Salt Lake County’s law enforcement make better decisions and quickly apprehend any frequent offenders. 

Benefits Of Digitally Managing Law Enforcement Activities

The digital era has touched every aspect of our lives. Law enforcement agencies benefit more from automating the existing processes using biometric technology. The eGov platform by M2SYS provides the necessary support to aid in this digital transformation. Digitally managing law enforcement activities powered by the eGov platform offers some additional benefits:

Highly Adaptable
Law enforcement activities are not constant. Though the core activities remain the same, you will notice significant differences between Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office and other county sheriff’s offices. The solution offered by the M2SYS eGov platform is designed in such a way that you can bend it to fit any need. From adding new features to customizing the existing ones, it’s too easy with eGov.

Rapid Deployment
It’s no easy task to develop a complete solution for any law enforcement agency from scratch. Not to mention, developer dependencies can lead to delays in project completion. Why go for building something from the ground up when you can implement a ready solution?

Unlimited Application
Law enforcement has its own set of work processes for each department. Therefore, they need web applications and a mobile app that provides mobility to manage their work digitally. However, developing web applications and mobile apps according to each specific need is quite a stretch. eGov platform by M2SYS offers tons of pre-developed applications that can be tailored to specific needs.    

Unmatched Accuracy
Biometrics is a colossal need of law enforcement agencies. It can be used for identification and authentication thanks to the easy use of multimodal biometrics capabilities. You can use the automated biometric identification system (ABIS) of any leading biometric service provider with CloudABIS.

Extensive Devices
Fieldwork is one of the most critical parts of any law enforcement agency. To facilitate this, eGov supports all the leading biometric hardware. You can even turn your mobile phones into a biometric capture device. Then, with the power of biometric technology on hand, you can make spot identification to reach quick and accurate decisions.


eGov platform by M2SYS is a ready-to-deploy solution that fits the needs of various law enforcement agencies. No matter what the specification is, the solution can be adjusted to automate any manual workflow into a digital one. Get in touch with us today to get a glimpse into the future of law enforcement agencies. 

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