Offender Management System That Every Prison Can Implement

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Some call it an offender management system, a prison management system, or a jail management system. Call it what you like, but the underlying function remains the same to keep those endangering society behind bars. One of the main issues with implementing such solutions is the dynamic needs of different correctional facilities. Universal offender management that could fit the needs of any prison was only a matter of time.


The Rise of Offender Management System

For over a decade Offender management systems have been used. Though the process was manual, there was no automatic option for identifying the offenders. With the introduction of biometrics, the offender management system was redefined. Many systems have begun to integrate multi-modal biometric identification systems. This gave a huge competitive advantage when choosing any offender management system. Nowadays, most offender management systems come with a set of pre-installed biometric authentication systems. 

From accurate identification to maintaining a complete data log, it is all possible with the Offender Management System. But one major issue still remains customizability. Most systems out there have a rigid platform that cannot be altered to match specific needs. If you want to create the software from scratch, it can be a nightmare. The finalization, development, and testing could go on forever. This does not only increase time but also cost, not to mention a good number of software packages never get deployed. To tackle these unwanted situations, someone has to step in, and the eGov platform by M2SYS is the best solution to this problem. 

Prison Management System by eGov

As of 2022, there are around 195 nations on the globe, each with its own set of rules and regulations. The legal system is no different. That is why a static solution may not be the best option. Taking this into consideration, M2SYS created the eGov platform, a one-of-a-kind solution that can be tailored to meet any demand. M2SYS’ Jail Management System is one of the most user-friendly multimodal biometrics solutions available. Here are a few reasons why M2SYS eGov’s Jail Management System can fit into the needs of ay prison:

Better Security
Multi-modal biometrics that includes fingerprints, faces, irises, and other features to keep track of convicts. This eliminates the possibility of releasing an incorrectly convicted person.

Automated Procedures
By eliminating paper forms and spreadsheets, this method digitizes jail management. It also employs AI to find trends, trigger notifications, inform authorities, and perform a variety of other functions.

Fewer Resources
eGov doesn’t require any coding, so integrators can make unique solutions that are easier to manage, change, integrate, and use.

Effortless Integration
The Prison Management System is a full system that makes it easy for users to connect to third-party systems or biometric capture tools and biometric matching services for identifying prisoners.

Quick Deployment
The solution may be adjusted to match the demands of agencies on the fly. It saves hundreds of hours of development time, speeds up deployments, and stops development from going in circles.

As you can customize the flow of the software, you can easily match the needs of any prison in the world. The best part is that you do not need to code to alter the software. If this sounds interesting, get in touch. 

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