A Look at How Configurable Our eGov Law Enforcement System Is

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Law enforcement is a crucial part of any country as it helps to maintain law and order. Unfortunately, while a government may be in the process of digitizing virtually everything else, law enforcement systems are either painfully obsolete or are yet to receive a digital overhaul. We’re familiar with the problem, as we receive a ton of requests regarding a law enforcement system.

One of the recent requests we’ve received is from a prospect in an African country looking for an e-governance solution that can streamline its law enforcement management system. So, let’s dive deep into the requirements (read: pain points) they have and how M2SYS eGov’s Law Enforcement Management System is the ideal solution to solve their problems.

What the Prospect Wanted in the Law Enforcement System

After learning about the prospect’s requirements briefly, we set up a call with them to discuss their pain points in detail and demonstrate how our solution could address their issues.

What Happens to Records of Cleared Suspects?

Whenever a person becomes a suspect and is accused of a crime, their data is recorded in the Law Enforcement System (biometrics, demographics, etc.). However, down the line, the accused is proven innocent. The prospect wanted to know what would happen to the records of cleared suspects—will these still stay within the system, or can they be deleted?

Well, it depends entirely on the rules of law enforcement itself. For instance, if the authority wants such records erased, our Law Enforcement Management System can provide specific administrators with the permission to do that. Moreover, we can configure the users’ roles to ensure that most can only view and edit records, whereas deleting requires an administrator’s role. The administrator can also edit these permissions later as needed. For instance, a promoted officer might need access to delete records—administrators can provide that.

Can the Complainants Receive Updates?

Another concern the prospect had was how the complainants would receive updates. For instance, after a person files a complaint, do they have to return for updates or receive them automatically? The prospect also wanted to know how complainants will receive updates—periodically or automatically?

Fortunately, our Law Enforcement Management System is highly configurable. With just a few tweaks, the solution can inform the complainant via SMS or email whenever there’s an update regarding their case. Updates can be sent either automatically or periodically. The prospect was blown away by it—we made the tweaks in real-time and showed them these capabilities during the demonstration!

Does it Have an Android Version?

The prospect informed us that they already have a computer-based system. However, they have field officers who encounter situations like accidents or being called to someone’s house for investigation/burglary. The field officers need to be able to enter information on the sites using a smartphone and stylus. Thus, the prospect is looking for an Android-based solution.

Our Law Enforcement Management System already has mobile versions (both Android and iOS) that automatically match the web-based solution. Any changes to the web-based solution are automatically made to the mobile-based versions too. As a result, their field officers can easily add any information required using Android devices. They can even take cases, investigate, and add findings on the go. They can also update existing investigations, add photos, and so much more!

A Law Enforcement System Like No Other!

Our Law Enforcement System is created using eGov, a platform that houses several highly configurable e-governance solutions. The platform acts as an operating system and can be connected with third-party systems, biometric devices, and more. It can also be easily configured to meet agency needs, reducing development time by 95%!

Contact us now to learn how our eGov platform can help your government digitization projects.

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