How M2SYS eGov Platform Can Help Implement Self-Service Biometric Kiosks

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The South African government has been working hard to digitize many of its operations. One of its main focuses is introducing biometric self-service kiosks to help its citizens receive essential services, such as digital IDs, birth certificates, death certificates, passports, and more. Ultimately, the objective is to streamline citizens’ process of receiving these critical documents. In fact, the country is also planning to allow citizens to quickly and conveniently print certain documents such as birth, death, or marriage certificates. Everyone knows what a hassle it is to get these done manually – streamlining and digitizing the process will be a welcome change.

How the Biometric Kiosks Work

The kiosks can be placed in essential yet easily accessible locations so that the citizens can access them whenever needed, even during weekends. The self-service kiosks will require authentication via biometrics – citizens will need to verify their identity to take advantage of the service. This will ensure that citizens are receiving their certificates and not bad actors, preventing fraudulent activities.

A pilot project is, in fact, already underway – an online booking system in 25 offices. Projects with other institutions, such as the South African Post Office and shopping malls, are also in the works.

While the South African government is in talks with several organizations, system integrators, and institutions, our eGov platform can help speed up the process and deploy the project rapidly.

How our eGov Platform Can Help Biometric Kiosks

Our eGov platform consists of highly configurable solutions that are used in several government agencies around the world, such as the Soldier Rationing System, Law Enforcement Management System, and more. In this case, solutions like our Birth Registration System, Marriage Registration System, or Death Registration System can help implement the project smoothly and rapidly.

Now, one might think that devices have already been selected and solutions already exist. However, there are several examples where these government digitization projects are hampered due to hand-coded solutions, integration issues, development time, and other factors.

Our eGov platform acts as an operating system for government digitization projects. System integrators can seamlessly integrate all of the solutions in our eGov platform with third-party systems and devices. Moreover, the solutions can be configured easily on the fly, reducing development time significantly.

Which of our eGov Solutions is Applicable?

So, in this case, solutions such as Marriage Registration System, Birth Registration System, and Death Registration System can help. In fact, not only can these solutions help with the self-service kiosks, but they can also help with registration using any biometric modality required, helping to reduce fraud, ensure transparency, and keep everything organized.

Moreover, if customized solutions are required, they can be quickly developed and deployed – speeding up the project significantly.

The self-service kiosks can use our egovernance solutions to quickly verify citizens’ identities using any biometric matching system (our eGov platform is compatible with any ABIS solution) and quickly authorize the certificates. As our platform can be easily integrated with any third-party system, it’s a perfect solution for the project, like a missing piece of the puzzle.

Have a similar proposal, interest, or need a platform to connect all of your systems for your next government digitization project? Contact us now to learn how our eGovernance platform can help you rapidly develop and configure solutions to deploy your next project!

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