Advanced Biometric Software Solution for Law Enforcement

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Since the 1700s the use of biometrics has been noticed and in 1891 the fingerprint system used in the law enforcement system to identify prisoners for the first time. It’s incredible that how the technology being advanced since then — sequentially advanced technology developed to integrating the biometric system with the software solution to smoothen the work process in dynamic ways in different sectors.

What is Law Enforcement Solution?

Law enforcement solution is an integrated software where the whole process is followed by a law enforcement department in a particular system. The solution allows a citizen to file a case remotely. Then the case is analyzed with the previous records and assigned to a field agent to identify and capture the suspect or criminal. After identification the criminal booking and case processing, investigation if required, and the documentation of all investigation data everything is maintained within a single system. Using law enforcement solution taking action against a criminal is very swift now a day.

Advanced Biometric Software Solution for Law Enforcement

M2SYS eGovernace solution provides an end-to-end Law enforcement solution to an integrated system to manage any case. The resolution itself might be more powerful just by integrating the advanced biometric software solution for law enforcement. Advanced biometric software enables the existing solution to identify the right suspect and analyze their previous records in less than a second. Besides, it also allows customizing the solution according to the specific requirements of law enforcement.

Criminal Booking System

A customizable ABIS (Automated Biometric Identification System) integrated booking system identifies the suspects or criminals and able to analyze the demographic data and history of them which helps the agents to understand the criminals and capture them efficiently. The integration with mobile devices increases operational efficiencies and strengthens the booking process.

Case Management System

The case management process starts with filing a complaint and ends to the action taken by the judicial decision. The biometrics software solution integrates the investigation data and allows the agents to take action according to built-in administrative capabilities, which automatically assigns the case to an agent.



Law Enforcement Operational Management

Key Features:

An integrated platform to address the needs of all law enforcement operational units including case management, investigations, booking systems, demographic databases etc.

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Investigation System

The advanced biometric software solution contributes very efficiently to investigating critical or sensitive cases by storing and retrieving the investigation data and matching the clues, analyzing the possible matching and DNA to facilitate the investigation of sophisticated crimes, and helping agents to understand the behavioral patterns of the criminal. It doesn’t help to take action but also helps to prevent crime.

Blockchain Artificial Intelligence

Integration of Blockchain artificial intelligence assures end-to-end security and decentralization of information providing quantitative analysis on agency universal operations, and artificial intelligence through probabilistic analytics to prevent the crime before it happens.

ePoliceTM is one such advanced biometric software solution for law enforcement agencies which integrates all of the modules narrated above. Besides, the solution is easy to customize according to the requirement, mobile friendly, and scalable which can prepare customized analytics report, use on the go and efficient.

Thus, the advanced biometric software solution contributes to law enforcement increasing operational efficiency by balancing the inter-departmental works and bringing the criminal under action easily.

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One thought on “Advanced Biometric Software Solution for Law Enforcement

  • December 5, 2022 at 3:23 am

    Local law enforcement is moving beyond fingerprints and facial recognition with biometrics. The Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division of the FBI made a new system to replace the IAFIS, and it was gradually put together. Next Generation Identification (NGI) is a new system that gives the criminal justice community access to the world’s largest and best electronic database of biometric and criminal history information. Iris is one of the methods that law enforcement can use through the NGI right now.


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