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Biometric Jail Inmate & Visitor Identification

Working with jail management software systems at correctional facilities throughout the U.S., M2SYS Technology registers and identifies millions of inmates and facility visitors each year with biometric fingerprint identification technology. Thousands of M2SYS biometric hardware devices capture millions of inmate identities each day during booking, medication distribution, location tracking, and again prior to release. Critical to ensuring public safety, M2SYS’ biometric inmate identification solutions often times will prevent over-populated and under-staffed jails from releasing unauthorized inmates due to human error or to inmates swapping ID bracelets with other inmates. Biometric identification solutions from M2SYS provide a fail-safe way to properly manage correctional facilities. Inmate whereabouts can be determined at any time, which increases inmate accountability and in turn, increases overall jail and public security and safety.

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