5 reasons why biometric cloud solutions are the future

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Biometrics has been used for several years — employee time clocks, SIM registration systems, voter management systems, and several other projects are only a few examples of their use. However, everything is now slowly moving to the cloud, and biometrics is no exception. Instead of storing all the information on the premises, many organizations opt for biometric cloud solutions for several factors. While not all biometric projects will choose the cloud, most will as doing so brings several benefits.

Let’s explore the concept of cloud biometrics, why organizations opt for the cloud instead of hosting the biometrics infrastructure on the premises, and in which cases cloud biometrics is most effective.

Biometric cloud solutions: an overview

As mentioned above, the cloud is the future of many services, including biometrics.

Simply put, the cloud refers to (a) server(s) housed in a data center that can be located anywhere around the world. It means that whatever cloud service you’re using isn’t stored or running on your machine. Rather, you’re using a server on a different location using the internet.

The simplest example would be Google Drive, where you can access, edit, and store documents, images, and other media on “the cloud” without using any of your resources other than a web browser and internet connection.

Biometric cloud solutions thus refer to storing the entire infrastructure on a remote server that can be millions of miles away but seamlessly accessible using the internet. If users want, everything regarding the solution can be stored on the cloud, which they can access using a browser.

With the overview of cloud-based biometrics out of the way, let’s dive deep into what benefits it brings to users who opt for them.

Why biometric cloud solutions like CloudABIS are the clear future

They aren’t restricted to your machine’s limitations

Let’s face it: even the biggest organizations have limitations. When it comes to smaller or mid-sized companies, those limitations can be typically seen with the machines such as servers or computers being used. These limitations might bottleneck the performance of applications, including biometric solutions.

However, with a cloud-based biometric solution, you only need a browser and an internet connection to access it and enroll and verify subjects. Even if you’ve got an ancient machine, as long as the biometric solution is cloud-based, it will run smoothly, as it won’t use your machine’s resources.

They don’t require maintenance

If the biometric software was hosted within the premises, that is, if the cloud wasn’t involved, the organization would need to build, manage, and maintain it with the vendor’s help. While it might sound simple, it would be lengthy, tedious, and costly.

On the other hand, with cloud-based biometric solutions, you only need to connect your machine to the biometric hardware, and no maintenance or managing is required from the organization’s end!

They can be integrated into Windows, web, or mobile apps

One of the biggest reasons cloud biometrics is the future is how easily it can add biometric functionality to any Windows, web, or mobile application within hours. With cloud-based biometrics, organizations can easily add biometrics to their existing applications, making the enrollment and verification of subjects part of their regular workflow.

They can be rapidly scaled to meet requirements

When it comes to biometric cloud solutions, the infrastructure is hosted on the vendor’s servers. As a result, cloud-based biometric APIs, like CloudABIS, can be rapidly scaled to meet the client’s requirements. If the organization needs to enroll or verify more users or vice versa, the cloud-based biometric solution can be quickly modified to meet the company’s demands.

They can be deployed rapidly

With a cloud-based biometric API like CloudABIS, configuration, integration, and deployment can be done in hours. It’s that easy! CloudABIS indeed provides well-documented APIs that help understand how to configure and use the solution, making it easy for users and organizations to implement and deploy it.

CloudABIS is one of the most versatile biometric cloud solutions

CloudABIS is a highly versatile and multimodal cloud-based biometric API that can easily cater to any biometric requirements. CloudABIS offers all the benefits mentioned above and more! It can work with any popular biometric hardware, third-party application, and capture tool, thus preventing vendor lock-ins and making it one of the most reliable biometric solutions. It also removes additional headaches regarding maintenance, therefore reducing costs while ensuring faster biometric enrollment and verification.

Contact us now to learn how CloudABIS can simplify your biometric projects.

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