How M2SYS eGov removes complexities within government biometric projects

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Software solutions have been used for decades. In fact, the first software was written all the way back in 1948! These were created to digitize and automate processes, minimize errors, improve efficiency, and streamline operations, among other benefits. While it took some time for software solutions to trickle down for everyday users, we’re at a point where virtually everyone uses at least one software solution daily. Our smartphones use apps, our computers use software, and even bus ticket counters use software to print out tickets in many countries.

Governments, too, have been using software solutions for quite some time. Software solutions help governments digitize records, automate manual processes, run searches at blazing speeds, and much more. However, things can be pretty sluggish and slow when it comes to government digitization efforts, especially identity management projects. With biometrics, many complications are involved — devices, capture tools, matching engines, and finally, making all of them work together with the end solution. Whenever biometrics become a part of government digitization projects, it becomes nearly impossible to pull it off unless the right parties (read, “experienced”) are involved. Fortunately, the M2SYS eGov platform has several years of experience and expertise, which you need during government biometric projects.

That being said, let’s explore how the M2SYS eGov platform reduces the complexities of government biometric projects.

The M2SYS eGov platform for government biometric projects

Created with years of experience in biometrics, the M2SYS eGov platform is the best tool for system integrators involved with government ID management projects. It is a no-code platform that features prebuilt software solutions and can also create custom eGovernance solutions for any biometric project.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Any ID management solution created using eGov works flawlessly with any biometric hardware or matching engine and can also be connected with any third-party system to create a complete software solution.

Let’s explore why the eGov platform is ideal for system integrators and how it removes complexities involved with government biometric projects.

How the eGov platform simplifies government biometric projects

It features tried and tested solutions

One of the biggest challenges with government biometric projects is to find the right solution providers with ample experience. Fortunately, M2SYS has 20 years of experience with government and enterprise projects. In fact, the eGov platform features several tried and tested solutions that have been deployed across various government projects around the world. Experienced solutions have been tested thoroughly and are reliable enough to be used for other large-scale projects — something inherent in government projects.

But what about projects that require customized identity management solutions? In fact, most government projects require some form of customization due to changes in rules, language, processes… The list goes on. With that in mind, all the eGov solutions are highly configurable and can be entirely changed to meet government requirements, simplifying the development required.

What about diverse projects that need highly custom solutions, you may ask? The M2SYS eGov platform has got that covered as well!

It offers custom solutions

Since eGov is a no-code platform, system integrators can create ANY identity management solution for government projects. Integrators can drag and drop templates, forms, and more to quickly create a software solution from scratch without writing a single line of code! With eGov, system integrators can develop solutions to bring even the most complex or unique biometric identity management project to life.

But creating custom solutions is just one part of the project — integrators need to connect them with the various biometric solutions (both hardware and software) so they can work properly.

It works with popular biometric devices and matching engines

Over the years, M2SYS has worked with popular biometric devices, capture tools, and matching engines. As a result, the eGov platform has evolved and now works with popular biometric solutions, making it a must-have for government biometric projects. Not only does this help system integrators choose preferred biometric hardware and software solutions, but it also avoids vendor lock-ins. For instance, if the system integrator is locked in with a problematic biometric device due to several factors, with eGov, it can simply use a different device. In fact, integrators don’t need to work on any biometric development — that’s done by eGov!

Want to remove the complexities of your next government biometric project? Contact us now to learn how we can help with that.

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