Shanghai Subway Adopts Voice and Facial Recognition Systems

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Shanghai Subway is one of the busiest railway systems in the world and provides a daily commuting system for millions of people. It has all the latest technologies to help with the reliability & convenience of transporting millions of passengers to China’s biggest city and financial hub. It was recently announced they are now they are going to implement intelligent ticket machines by using  voice and facial recognition systems to further improve their processes.

The operator of the Shanghai Metro, Shanghai Shentong Metro Group along with the developer group plan that “far-field” voice recognition technology will be installed in ticket machines in all stations. To verify the identity of passengers they will set facial recognition systems at the entrance of stations.

The initial plan to implement this system is to have passengers input their destination to the AI enabled ticket machine, then it will suggest the best route for that destination. It’s important to mention that there are more than four thousand trains serving the Shanghai Metro network, which has 367 stations altogether.

“Passengers don’t even need to use any special word to activate the kiosk,” said by one of the officials of this program. They hope that this far-field voice recognition technology will work correctly from up to five meter distance even with the extremely loud noises of the subway station.



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He also added that the facial recognition technology is in a primitive stage, that’s why people would be required to capture their faces to be kept in a database for the verification process.

China is striving to be the world leader in artificial intelligence in the next few years. The State Council, China’s cabinet fixed a goal to build the domestic AI industry worth around US$150 billion. The organizers have planned to expand the biometric recognition system to other public spaces such as airports, restaurants, retail stores,  and company reception desks etc.

By implementing this system, China will take a huge leap to become the world leader of biometric technology. Therefore, these technologies will continue to make people’s daily life more convenient and comfortable.

Source: South China Morning Post

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One thought on “Shanghai Subway Adopts Voice and Facial Recognition Systems

  • December 20, 2017 at 8:39 pm

    could someone disable that with EMP devise since you can find a kid on youtube makes an EMP device and shuts his phone off with it. So I think it could let someone slip past


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