Build Your Enterprise Cloud Application that Includes Biometric Identification Technology

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CloudApper™ is a revolutionary cloud-based business application development toolkit for creating enterprise cloud applications. It ensures that your cloud applications are not only easy to deploy but also minimize costs that come with state of the art biometric identification technology (BaaS).    

Current Scenario

Cloud-based applications are known for their ability to maximize productivity, minimize deployment costs and regulate maintenance costs of in-house IT infrastructure. Businesses of all sizes and verticals from around the globe have already started moving toward cloud solutions. According to recent Gartner reports, that worldwide public cloud services market grew 18% in 2017 alone. 

If you are also thinking about building a complete enterprise cloud application that meets all your individual business needs – you should first know that it is not an easy task, especially when you have to ensure the highest level of security for your stakeholders, hire a team of engineers or tie up existing resources to make the application. Imagine this- you are a financial organization or healthcare facility and are planning to develop a biometric visitor management system or a biometric patient identification solution with your in-house application engineers. You are probably looking at an investment of a considerable amount of time and money into something that isn’t your core competencies. This is often a huge challenge by itself that can end up costing a lot of money without producing any viable results.

That’s why we have built CloudApper™ – a revolutionary cloud-based application development toolkit that can save you valuable time and money while also providing you with solutions that meet all of your requirements. Using our platform, anyone can create a complete enterprise cloud application with the security of our award-winning biometric identification technology. You don’t need to hire a team of engineers to build this or outsource any additional biometric solution from third parties. You can do it all by yourself within minutes – and without any code level knowledge at all!

Through the cloud business, you can expect to see application cost savings of 23%. Companies that adopted cloud services experienced a 20.66% average improvement in time to market, 18.80% average increase in process efficiency, and 15.07% reduction in IT spending. Together, these benefits led to a 19.63% increase in company growth.

Challenges in Building Business Applications with Biometric Technology

Imagine that you have decided to build a cloud application with biometric authentication technology. To successfully create this application, you require three very different things to work together in a synchronized manner:

  1. The biometric scanner
  2. The biometric matching algorithm
  3. The mother ship – the business application.

For the biometric scanner, there are often many devices to choose from, and your project can be doomed from the start if you pick the wrong one. After that, you need to find a company for the biometric matching algorithm. You then have to hire a team of engineers or tie up existing resources to develop your application and hope that they can successfully make all of the components work together. 

On top of all of these tasks, what if you need to develop that business application layer as part of your project? As mentioned above, not only is this a challenge, but biometrics is also driving a lot of new and different business needs. To be successful, you need to be nimble with application engineering and can’t afford to get bogged down with lengthy development cycles.

Without a doubt, this is a journey that small businesses can’t afford to embark on, which can even be the case for large enterprises as well. This is a challenge that might cost them productivity and significant IT investment.   

Listed below are some other common challenges people face when they need a customized cloud-based application for their business:

Application Development is Expensive

Developing a cloud application for your business with biometric authentication can be quite expensive. It may end up costing you thousands of dollars, whether you buy it as a ready-made product from an application company or develop it with in-house application engineers. 

Is it one of your Core Competencies?

One of the significant problems for business owners is the complexity of developing a business application. A gym owner or a church representative may not have any coding knowledge or background required for developing a cloud application. 

Do you have the Time for it?

It takes a fair amount of time to build customized business applications that meet all of your business needs. Logically, since it’s not one of the core competencies of your business, you may not have enough time or resources to develop the application. 

What can save you Time and Money?  

CloudApper™ can help you to build the exact application that you need for your business. It is a very easy to use cloud-based application development toolkit, which can be used to develop sophisticated business applications such as membership management, visitor management, point-of-sale, or time and attendance application.

Deploy Within Hours

Generally, it takes weeks or months to develop a customized business application that fits your requirements. However, with CloudApper, you can build a business application within hours without compromising any of your needs!

Easy to Understand

You don’t need an entire team of engineers to develop your business application anymore. Instead, you can develop it all by yourself with CloudApper’s user-friendly graphical interface – without any coding knowledge at all! 

Don’t Get Locked into one Platform Forever.

A research firm by the name of IDC predicts that nearly one-third of the worldwide enterprise application market will be SaaS-based by 2018, driving annual SaaS revenue to $50.8 billion.

A perfect business application that meets all of your particular business needs is not only hard to find, but it can also be quite expensive. Even if you happen to find one, you may spend thousands of dollars on it then be stuck with it forever. There is very little customizability or scalability available. However, with CloudApper is a fully customizable and scalable solution that offers SaaS pricing model. What this means is that you can go for a monthly or yearly subscription and have total control over how long you want to use it. 

How does it Work?

CloudApper™ is the world’s first and only rapid application development toolkit that comes with the security of biometric authentication technology! It is so easy to build an application using CloudApper™ that you only need to create forms by using drag and drop features. Everything is on there in ready-mode – you just need to arrange them as per your requirements, and it will be ready to use right away. CloudApper™ also supports fingerprint, finger vein, iris and face recognition technology. It can be integrated with various hardware devices, and, ideally, work with any web browser. 

Besides that, to help you rapidly develop and deploy the business application for your projects, CloudApper™ provides you with pre-configured cloud solutions such as templates that are tailored for specific vertical deployments: 

  • Border Control & Immigration Authority
  • Public Administration Authority
  • Jails & Prison Authority
  • Education & Student Tracking
  • Judicial Authority
  • Banks, NGOs & Financial Organizations
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Transportation Authority

You can start building an app from scratch or use these templates as a starting point in creating your business application and customizing it according to your needs.


For many organizations, the overall benefits of using cloud would be good enough to go for a cloud-based business solution. However, when you add up all the benefits of CloudApperTM mentioned above and last seventeen years of experience in the biometric industry, it’s almost a no-brainer decision.

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