Affordable Biometric Time Clock for Kronos Workforce Management

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Are you a Kronos user? Do you need to manage hundreds or thousands of human resources for your enterprise, retail chain, hospital, manufacturing plant, call center, or any agency? Then you should definitely go for Kronos, because it’s an amazing workforce management system that facilitates incredible features and employee self-service. But very often, many Kronos users fail to leverage the system or get optimum ROI due to problems like employee time theft and buddy punching. To solve these problems and to maximize the ultimate ROI from Kronos, we have made RightPunch, an affordable biometric time clock for Kronos.

Affordable Biometric Time Clock for Kronos Workforce Management

What is RightPunch?

RightPunch is an application that provides different versions for Windows, Android, and iOS to record exact employee check-in and check-out integrating the employee database of Kronos workforce management. It fetches the employee data and with quick time stamp records the exact data using the biometrics of employee. RightPunch supports fingerprint, finger vein, iris, and facial recognition to identify the employees. It’s an invention of M2SYS Technology, one of the industry leaders of Silicon Valley.

Why RightPunch is the Most Affordable Biometric Time Clock for Kronos

If you are planning to end employee time theft and buddy punching, then a biometric time clock is the best solution. Let’s go through the pros and cons of the processes from the below matrix:

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Capture time
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Capture time
with biometrics

employee tasks

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employee tasks

HR compliance

Send personalized

Capture time
with geofencing

Build custom

time with NFC

Track assets
with barcode

Manage HIPAA


Particulars Developing Own Systems RightPunch

Integration with Kronos

Not Available Available

Development Cost



Device Cost



Implementation Cost



System Updates





Not Required



It’s simple to compare the alternatives and why you should go for RightPunch to implement a biometric time clock for your Kronos workforce management.

Still Now Confused? Let’s Calculate the ROI

Let’s do simple math to find out the ROI (Return on Investment) of RightPunch. You just need some basic information about your enterprise or the environment where you want to deploy RightPunch. Now go to our ROI Calculator and put in the required information to know the ROI.

How to Implement RightPunch

Implementing RightPunch is quite simple. Just follow the process below and start saving your money:

Step-1: Subscribe to RightPunch.

Step-2: Set up a PC and a biometric capturing device or only a smartphone to create a touchpoint.

Step-3: Sign-in using the credentials and enroll your employees.

It’s ready to use. Cheers!!!

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