Why Should You Opt for Biometrics-as-a-Service for Your Work Environment?

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The need for authentication and identification technology keeps on increasing exponentially with every year of technological advancement passing by. Using biological data that is unique to every individual is one of the best ways to determine and verify someone’s identity as it offers little to no room for error. That is part of the reason why the biometrics-as-a-service industry keeps on growing every year, expected to become worth over $2.9 billion by the year 2022.

There is a multitude of reasons which make biometrics-as-a-service the ideal choice for many organizations and firms as opposed to investing in their very own internal biometrics systems and operations. One of the major advantages biometrics-as-a-service brings to its users is the fact that it allows you to avail a handy service and apply it to your system without having to worry about instability, affordable costs, and system maintenance. The upfront costs are low, there are little to no hidden or extra expenditures associated with the service, and the payments are predictable, making it a sustainable and financially stable model for commercial and internal use. Not only that, but it also guarantees you the quality of the service as you can expect the service provider to keep track of the necessary upgrades, repairs, maintenance, and security pertaining to the service and software. You pay for what you take and you get exactly what is promised, making it a relatively risk-free and cost-effective solution to your authentication needs.

Make it Simple with CloudABIS

As opposed to traditional biometrics-as-a-service, CloudABIS aims to save you tons of time, effort, and invested resources on the financial and IT aspect. This cloud-based biometric matching system has been carefully crafted after years of research and hard work, the input from various sources being used to come up with an all-inclusive and well rounded biometric service that has the capability integrate with any kind of existing infrastructure, can be adapted and scaled up or down to fit different degrees and sizes of operations, and was a stable platform that served as a solid service that organizations could trust.

With CloudABIS, all you have to do is purchase a subscription and then simply connect your application with it through an API. All you need after that is to activate your biometrics identification service with CloudABIS is a computer system and input equipment. CloudABIS allows you to take biometric input using either of fingerprints, finger veins, face recognition, or even iris recognition, signifying just how adaptive and flexible it is in its support.

CloudABIS can be up and running in a matter of just a few hours as all you need to do is simply connect it to your existing system and let it immerse itself into your world in the most seamless fashion. Instead of making your operation even more complicated, CloudABIS works to further simplify and break it down so that you can implement it without running into any problems that you cannot figure out yourself.

CloudABIS solutions can be applied across a number of different fields, including but not limited to the likes of visitor management solutions, retail pos, banking KYC, workforce management, attendance systems, so on and so forth. With CloudABIS, the possibilities are endless as it is as scalable a solution as it can possibly get, allowing you to pay as you go and subscribe to only the number or extent of resources that you require at the time. Not to mention the fact that you have no responsibilities in regards to the maintenance, upkeep, or security of the system as it will all be managed by M2SYS.

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