Benefits of Biometric Authentication in Information Security

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Information is the most powerful tool in today’s business world. Government and private both sectors are using the data to facilitate the service and understanding the trends. According to a report, taking the timely decision is very simple if you have information. On the other hand, if the information leaks, anyone can interrupt in your interest. So the information security is visible to hold on the prosperity and biometric authentication in information security helps in many ways.


Information Security

Information security is the means of controlling unauthorized access to your data or information from being re-used, shared, modified, duplicated and manipulated by a third party as well as competitors. Information may take any form like physical or printed form and electronic form.

Biometric Authentication in Information Security

In the age of technology, the information is stored in electronic forms to ensure its security and protect it from being lost. But the neoteric technology could not assure the proper safety of your data in anecdotal information storing system. Biometric technology amplifies information security in many ways. Followings are the benefits of biometric authentication in information security.

Unique Biometric Attributes

Every person carries unique biometric attributes like a fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, facial recognition, retina, iris, ear, lips, and voice. Biometric authentication matches the intricate patterns of the unique characteristics of an individual to identify him. So, the password that means biometric attributes used for biometric authentication is significantly unique which is impossible to share with others.

Difficult to Forge

Biometrics pattern of individuals is extremely complicated for spoofing. Though there remain some loopholes in biometric authentication, the liveness detection can assure maximum security which is impossible to forge.


Like other technology or device, the biometric technology is not always 100% accurate. But the accuracy rate of biometric authentication is maximumly comparing other methods. A recent extensive study conducted on the accuracy rate of fingerprint technology found that the iris system has the best accuracy with 1.8% false rejection and the fingerprint system performed best for low false acceptance rate.


The biometric matching system is highly scalable, and you can choose the best option for you according to the volume of required enrollment. So, it allows covering more area or more data easily for best security.

Return on Investment

A comprehensive study shows that the global average cost of a data breach for a United States company is almost $7.91 million which is $4 million globally. Biometric authentication in information security is a long-term solution for any business to save your time and money which ultimately higher the return on investment.


Biometric authentication eliminates the necessity of memorizing passwords, PINs or carrying ID and preserving paper-based documents. Besides, it saves the time of identification, and as the biometric is not transferable, it confirms the access of the right person into the system. For the employers, it is straightforward to manage the access permission as required to increase information security.


When the access of any information remains restricted by a biometric authentication system, the user of the data must verify thyself through their biometrics to access the system. It increases the accountability in the organization to keep the data secured.

Easy to Integrate

There are several integration methods of biometric technology like cloud solution, biometric SDK and integration without coding. These are very affordable, easy to integrate and flexible for use. You can choose the best option as per your business need to secure your information by biometric authentication.

Remote Access

Cloud-based or web-based biometric authentication system enables you to access your information from remote using the mobile biometric scanner or device. You do not need to give access to any unwanted person for any urgent requirement in your absence or while you are on the go.

What are you thinking? Are you running your business indifferently without consideration of your information security? You can implement the biometric authentication to secure information easily. The process is quite simple to perform biometric authentication in information security. Just fill up the below form and let us know your requirement.

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