Application of Iris Biometric Authentication in Different Sectors

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Iris biometric authentication is the most accurate and precise authentication system, and that’s why its application has been observed in the most sensitive sectors where security concern is high. The system captures a picture of a person’s eye, and the iris in the image is then implied for the further division and standardization for separating its characteristics. The matching of iris recognition authentication depends on the procedure of division. The division is utilized for the restriction of the right iris area in the specific segment of an eye and it ought to be done precisely and accurately to expel the eyelids, eyelashes, and reflections of iris area.


Application of Iris Biometric Authentication

As the pattern of irises are complex and almost impossible to spoof it has been using in the most sensitive sectors for proper identification of an individual. The application of iris biometric authentication already implemented in the below verticals:

National ID

Every nation including developing countries provides National ID to its citizen. Along with fingerprint the iris recognition also initialized for the most accurate identification of the citizen. It helps to prevent duplicate registration, ensures quick and precise voting identification, provides an easily accessible audit trail and facilitates interoperability between government agencies for data integration, verification, and maintenance.

Law Enforcement

Biometric authentication has been using in law enforcement agencies since 1891, and various essential form of identification based on biometric features have been developed till today. Subsequently, the use of iris biometric authentication has been introduced in law enforcement to identify and track the criminals to ensure utmost public safety. The technology helps to overcome the loop falls of a traditional security system not only detecting the criminal but also preventing the crime.

Immigration and Border Control

Increased traveler volume and international crimes are pressurizing on security checkpoints to modernize their security measures by implementing an automated identification system. As a consequence, the international borders are now maintaining iris biometric authentication system to smoothen their immigration process securing all of the safety measures. Numerous international airports of USA, Canada, Netherlands, and the UK already implemented iris biometric authentication for their immigration. Besides the airline companies also using the iris authenticated boarding systems to secure the traveling.

Banking and Financial Services

According to ISO 19092:2008 the banks and financial institutions are supposed to govern the biometrics technology replacing the traditional PIN/ Password-based security system. Among the several modalities of biometric the iris authentication system has been considered as the most secure system for KYC, identifying the individual client, employees and flagging the fraudsters.

Healthcare Services

The iris biometric authentication system has been used in healthcare services to identify the right patient, to know the medical history and treatment planning of the patient, to provide the benefits of health policy and to protect the personal information of the individual. Besides, as this authentication doesn’t require direct contact, it assures the hygiene also.

However, it has been proved that the iris biometric authentication system is the more reliable and convenient authentication system due to its complex patterns and ease of use. The government sector and different businesses of the first world already implemented the technology, and the developing countries are yet to achieve this highly secured authentication system.

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