5 Myths of Biometric Identification

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The advent of biometric identification was dramatic when the Star Trek displayed different biometric modalities in the sci-fi series in 1966. Voice ID, retina, basic vitals, and facial recognition was stirred up then. Over the years biometric identification technology developed and nowadays it is no longer a topic to be shown in a sci-fi movie. It has become a reality and changed the landscape of secure identification in different industries. But most people think of the conventional notion about biometric identification and here are some of the myths which are now revealed:

Myth# 1 Biometric Data Can be Stolen or Hacked from the System

Most of the people think that if they enroll their biometric data in any system, the administrator can use that image of their biometric data to spoof their identity. But the reality is when someone scans his/ her biometric, the scanners transform the biometric data to an encrypted binary code only using 1’s and 0’s to build a template. The biometric matching engine then uses that template to identify someone. So, biometric data could not be stolen or hacked from the system.

Myth# 2 Iris Scanning Relies on the Genetic Information

In iris scanning, only one thing is collected that is the pattern of the iris. The iris pattern is extremely unique and differentiable, even more than your fingerprints. For iris enrollment it only takes two different images of iris; one is a usual one and another one is using infrared light. Then the combination of these two images is analyzed by the biometric system to create an identifiable visual pattern named iris code. There is no genetic information considered during the identification process and it can also differentiate the irises of identical twins also.

Myth# 3 Iris and Retinal Scanning is the Same

There are some significant differences between iris and retinal scanning. First of all, the iris scanning is possible to perform from a distance but the retinal scanning requires the scanner close to the eyes. The iris scanning requires a lower energy infrared light for scanning than the retina scanning. And finally, the measurement of iris doesn’t change for any disease, whereas the retina scanning does.

Myth# 4 Biometric Can be Spoofed, So why Replace ID/ Password

There is nothing easier than sharing ID/ passwords or losing those. But spoofing biometric is not a matter of joke! Also, live detection enabled in some scanners can identify the fake or replicated biometric identity. Biometric has been used worldwide for exact identification which is most secure and non-transferrable. For example, a biometric time clock eliminates buddy punching and time theft in the workplace, whereas an ID/ Password system is easily used for the purpose.

Myth# 5 Implementation of Biometric is Expensive

Many people assume that the implementation of biometric identification is a matter of huge investment, which can only be used for government or large scale project. Biometric technology passed this stage a few years ago. Now through biometrics-as-a-service, small and medium-sized enterprises can deploy the biometric solution at an affordable investment. It eliminates the need for huge development costs and specialized IT facilities. In addition, the use of biometric technology eliminates the administrative expenses thereby reducing the use of papers and stationeries, dedicated manpower, buddy punching, time theft and increases employee productivity. All of these impacts on a positive ROI (Return on Investment).

Many myths about biometric identification are getting busted nowadays with the increased adoption rate and the reality shows the positive impact of technology in different sectors.

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