USA Air Force To Implement Facial Recognition for Base Access

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The use of biometrics in securing army bases is not something rare these days. Several law enforcement agencies around the world are implementing biometric authentication to secure different types of facilities. In recent times, the US Air Force wants to add facial recognition to Scott’s base in the state of Illinois. 

Facial recognition for USA Air Force base

The United States Air Force has seen the need to use cutting-edge technology to modernize the gates at their base in Scott, Illinois. Hence, facial recognition technology will be installed at the gate in order to further automate the process. The Air Force is looking for biometrics technologies that can be implemented on portable devices. The solution also must have a high degree of precision. In addition to that, they want the security of the gate to consist of a double lock.

The goal of this project is to install a facial recognition system that can scan a motorist’s face, compare it to a database of permitted individuals, and then assess whether or not the driver is allowed admission.  Given the necessity of a highly accurate system, they are still considering all of their available choices. Among the factors required is that the technology must be able to match a single face to a single person by using a database of up to 10,000 photos. In addition, the technology needs to be among the top five most accurate solutions in a competitive accuracy test.

Advantages of facial recognition in army bases

There are several advantages of using facial recognition in army bases. These include: 

Improved security: Facial recognition can be used to quickly and accurately verify the identities of both personnel and visitors entering the base, thereby, helping to prevent unauthorized access as well as potential security breaches.

Increased efficiency: Facial recognition can automate the process of checking IDs and accessing credentials, in order to reduce the need for manual checks, and to speed up the process of entering the base.

Better tracking: Facial recognition can be used to track the movements of personnel and visitors on the base, thus, allowing officials to better monitor and secure the facility.

Improved incident response: In the event of a security incident or emergency on the base, facial recognition can help to quickly identify and locate individuals on the base, hence, enabling faster and more effective incident response.

Flexibility: Facial recognition can be integrated into various systems such as physical access control systems, visitor management systems, and time and attendance systems. This provides an added layer of security and convenience for the base.

Greater Convenience: With facial recognition, personnel and visitors to the base will not have to carry ID cards, as their faces will be their primary means of identification. This can be very helpful in situations where ID cards are lost or forgotten.

Remote Identification: Facial recognition can be used remotely, and personnel can be identified and granted access without having to be physically present at the access control point. This can be helpful in situations where the base is large and scattered.

Case study: Egyptian military academy

Biometric solution for military base management by M2SYS

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