Affordable biometric software for windows 10

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Due to the global uprising of security and privacy concerns, the demand for more accurate and intelligent and user-friendly biometric software is increasing every day. But deployment of a biometric identification system can be quite overwhelming for a non-technical company. Since they do not have technical knowledge of integrating a biometric system, they have to hire a team of professionals to build, integrate and maintain a biometric system, which can be quite expensive and time-consuming as well. So, today we have decided to share with you our top three choices for biometric software for windows 10, that is not only easy to deploy but also quite affordable.


Looking to save with a biometric capture tool? How about a web-based solution, that can integrate all your biometric hardware? I am talking about CloudScanr – a cloud-based biometric hardware integration service. It supports most of the biometric hardware from major manufacturers, so you will never get locked into one biometric modality or a single vendor. With a unique universal plugin, it removes all the hassles and friction associated with the configuration of third-party hardware. The service is available on an affordable monthly price (SaaS), so you can give it a try anytime you want and continue as long as you want.


The most important part of any biometric system is the matching engine. It involves significant investment to build and maintain a reliable and scalable biometric identification system. But with CloudABIS, you don’t need to go through all that. Just subscribe to its affordable, straightforward SaaS pricing model and perform fast 1: N biometric identification through Web API. Now instead of hiring a team of software developers to build a biometric matching system from the ground up, subscribe to biometric. It will save time, hassle, risk and inflexibility of different SDKs and vendor contracts that lock your data with their proprietary system.



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CloudApper is an innovative tool for building web & mobile app for business, that comes with support for biometric data capture and identification technology. So, If you are someone with little or no programming skills and looking for a quick business App or want to build a custom web or mobile App for your business that comes with biometric identification features, CloudApper is for you. CloudApper also offers a wide range of affordable (SaaS Pricing) business applications for specific vertical deployments like biometric visitor management, employee tracking, law enforcement solutions, prisoner management, fleet management, etc.

For any question, comments and quotation related to any of our affordable biometric software for windows 10, you can reach out to us via the contact form here.

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