What is biometric verification system?

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Every individual has one or more distinguishing biological traits. Evaluating these traits, an individual can be uniquely identified, and it is called biometric verification. To put it, biometric verification or authentication answers the question “who are you” in both physical or digital scenarios and the system used for it is called a biometric verification system.

An individual can have different unique identifiers such as fingerprints, finger vein, iris, retina, voice recognition, DNA, hand geometry, earlobe geometry, and signatures. These unique identifiers are impossible to duplicate, forge or steal. Which is why large corporations, small organizations, government or law enforcement agencies are quickly adopting biometric verification technology for safety and security.

One of the oldest forms of biometric verification is the fingerprint. In ancient China, historians have found out examples of thumbprints being used as a way of individual identification on clay seals. Today’s world with advanced technology in its grasps is the main reason why the biometric verification system has evolved and advanced considerably. With the digitization of analog data & advent of computerized databases, it is now possible for instantaneous individual identification hence providing complete security where needed.

Biometric technology can be operated using vast numbers of applications nowadays and every day more is being constantly invented. This technology is replacing password and PIN-based system at a rapid speed as it provides better security for your online accounts or your devices. Already financial organizations like banks are using iris and retina biometric verification system in ATMs for their users to collect money. Government across the world are adopting biometric technology to prepare and manage the national database. In 2014, Yemen deployed M2SYS technology one of the most exceptional innovation, TrueVoter™ biometric voting platform for their constitutional referendum and national elections. Biometrics help law and enforcement agencies to fight with crimes and making sensitive places like airport more secure and convenient.



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Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are another industry who are quickly integrating biometric technology into their system to help doctors and nurses keep track of patient health records. In the United States, Archbold Memorial Hospital has deployed M2SYS Technology invented RightPatient® patient safety and data integrity solution for the improvement of patient safety and data integrity. The hospital wants to adopt a next-gen biometric patient identification solution that supported the instantaneous search of the patient’s medical record after a first biometric search and also endorsed hospital inspection control. Additionally, educational institutions are deploying biometric verification for the sake of campus security. One of the schools in New Mexico, Sante Fe has implemented a cloud-based biometric visitor management solution, VisitorTrack™, to reduce the stress of traditional visitor management solutions. It is a modern, affordable world-class system that supports fingerprint, finger vein, face and iris recognition. Signature verification is not as much reliable as other biometric verification techniques, but it gives you an extra layer of verification when used in conjunction with one or more methods.

Once, biometric technology can only be seen in sci-fi movies, but now its usage is everywhere. Biometric technology is very much affordable today, and it can be easily integrated with existing systems. Get all the latest information regarding deployment of biometric verification system by visiting our M2SYS Blog biometric case study section.

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