Infographics: Biometric Features – Fingerprint, FingerVein, Facial, Iris

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There are many biometric modalities including fingerprint, finger vein, iris, retina, gait, signature, voice, etc. All of these modalities have some distinctive biometric features, benefits, and limitations, which makes them more suitable for the others in different environments and projects. There is not one modality that can be claimed to be the perfect fit for every situation or project. It depends on an organization’s intended use of the technology, the context in which it will be operated under and the people who will be running it. After carefully sorting out these features that will meet their requirement correctly, like speed, accuracy or maybe affordability, organizations come to point when they can select the right biometric hardware.

In this infographics, we have pointed out some important biometric features, which makes 4 of the most popular biometric modality (fingerprint, finger-vein, iris & facial recognition) to stand out from others and why they should be considered before choosing a biometric modality:


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