Best Biometric Software for Visitor Management

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Affordable, best biometric software for visitor management system cannot be found anywhere! Are you Shocked? Guessing why this post then? Yes exactly, this post will not leave you heartbroken. We are going to show you how you can get the best biometric software for a visitor management system usage.

Visitor management system is very much on the rise in terms of usage in various companies. Since biometric technology is not just to be featured in science fictions movies or high tech government security, people are adopting biometric technology now more than ever to increase the security of their organization premises. So how do you get the best biometric software for visitor management system?

You can get it very easily contacting M2SYS Technology, a global identity management solution provider company who has more than 17 years of biometrics and related software industry experience. Unlike other companies in the same industry, M2SYS Technology Inc does not charge the highest premium for their products. M2SYS believes in technology for all and just pay for what you need, nothing more.

Your organizations are your dream and reflect your passion. A simple security issue cannot and should not jeopardize your precious organization! M2SYS understands this, and thus M2SYS is offering you to empower your organization with the best biometric visitor management system available. Not only M2SYS gives you the best biometric software for visitor management system to secure your premises, but also to offer the various other benefits that will reduce your expense of maintenance.

To better understand this we need to take a look at the biometric visitor management system of M2SYS Technology names as VisitorTrack™. Let’s discuss the features of the fantastic biometric visitor management system of M2SYS.

Biometric Security

Biometric security is the obvious thing in VisitorTrack™. This fantastic visitor management system supports a wide range of robust biometrics including, fingerprint, finger vein recognition, palm vein recognition, facial recognition and iris recognition. Biometric security enables it to detect every visitor correctly. Visitors need to register the first time they are on the premise for a visit and from then, every time the visitor comes in he or she can be identified easily. This eliminates any identity problem with double or twins. VisitorTrack™ keeps a business organization entirely secure as a watchful protector using modern biometric features.

Paperless Technology

Going green is another motto of VisitorTrack™. This visitor management system eliminates all the paperwork related to a visit. No more paper logs or any sign-in sheets. Of course, it is familiar with any software. But what unique about VisitorTrack™ is that it also eliminates the need for any printed badges for the visitor. Yes, no more printed markers using a visitor management system. Visitors will be sent a digital symbol straight to their smartphone which can be scanned by the security personnel of premise to cross-check the visit details. The paperless system will so much reduce your costs of paper logs and printed badges. Save papers, use VisitorTrack™.

Showcase: VisitorTrack Case Study

Real-time Picture documentation

VisitorTrack™ has an exciting feature, and that is to add any pictures in real time. With the help of VisitorTrack™, mobile app one can easily capture any related documents of the visitor and save it inside the visitor profile, right then and there. This allows the user of visitor track to avoid any additional scanner machine usage and also quickly grab the necessary information of the visitor without spending that much time. Since the pictures will be taken from any smartphone, it can capture and sort of documents, objects and or incidents. This helps to avoid all those costly documents scanning machine and or ID card or business card scanners.

Pay for what you need

The VisitorTrack™ system runs on a biometric SAAS model, or as M2SYS would like to call it BAAS (Biometric as a service) model. Users can pick the highest number of enrollment they need, and they will only be paying for that size just. It helps the user to avoid any sorts of extra cost that is associated with an extensive system. VisitorTrack™ also allows unlimited enrollment; it entirely depends on the user requirements. This way user will have complete control of the database size they are going to use and only pay for what they may need, unlike any other visitor management system available in the market.

Free Case Study

Implementation of Iris Biometrics for Patient Identification at Novant Health


No Server Maintenance

The total VisitorTrack™ system runs on the cloud, and therefore users have to pay no attention to server maintenance and all the hassle that comes with it. M2SYS manages the server and ensure a proper and stable flow of connection for all the users of this system. This way every user can avoid the cost of maintenance and of course, the struggle to do so.

No Maintenance Cost

Because of the elimination of paper, printing badges, VisitorTrack™ also eliminates any need for printers or ink costs. Managing visitors become too costly when all those large printing and or scanning machine comes in with it. For every visit printing badge or cards and or scanning relevant documents, business cards, ID cards incur a lot of costs. All this can be avoided merely by using VisitorTrack™. It also helps to reduce the amount of paper usage in the reception too. The reception looks tidy and clean for a warm welcome to anyone entering the premises. After all, the first impression matters!

One time sign in, lifetime impression

Just like M2SYS wants to put it, first impression matters, of course, one has to maintain this impression throughout time. Imagine a guest comes in every time, he or she has to go through the same process to register every visit, filling all the information again and again. VisitorTrack™ only register the visitor one time, during the first visit and from then on, biometric does the rest. Once a visitor scans his or her biometric data, if he or she is pre-registered, the person profile will popup automatically. The receptionist then can have a quick look through the profile of the visitor and confirm the identity. And then, the system will then proceed to authorize the visit with the person required. Isn’t it cool!

Restrict Users & They Cannot Fake Identity

VisitorTrack™ has visitor restriction or flagging feature in it. If a visitor is flagged red, once he or she scans his biometric data the system will automatically tell that this user has been blocked previously and the security person will get notified too. There is no way to fake identity because of the biometric security protocol. This will also work in a different office of the same company since it is a cloud sharing system. If any visitor is red flagged from one office, he or she will be flagged for other offices automatically. So stay safe and relax!

Advanced Analytics

VisitorTrack™ has advanced analytical features in it. It can display how many visits have been done this month, week or day. It can analyze which visitor is most frequent and which employee is having the most visitor also. This feature allows the authority to keep a close eye to security protocol. Since visitor is categorized, this analytics also helps to show which employee is having productive visits more and which employee is somewhat wasting time in unproductive visits during office hours.

Connecting Multiple Points

Since this is a cloud-hosted best software for visitor management system, VisitorTrack™ will allow an organization to connect all their offices under one single server that also can be looked at remotely from literally anywhere in the world. Unless you do not have an internet connection! This system helps to coordinate all the visits and visitor history to come under one page. This is why if a person is flagged in Ohio, he or she will automatically be flagged in Tokyo, Japan. This helps to keep all the data under one page and keep everyone under the same roof.

All these benefits directly come with VisitorTrack™ and also with a very affordable price. M2SYS has observed organizations with a keen eye and realized the problems for visitor management. Many companies cannot afford the system, thus suffers heavily regarding security and maintenance. But VisitorTrack™ allows them to enjoy the facilities on a much lower and affordable budget. This system works perfectly with any organization regardless of size. And so, you can CLICK HERE or send an email to to get the best biometric software for visitor management system for your respected organization.

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Masum Shibli

Business Development Analyst, M2SYS Technology

2 thoughts on “Best Biometric Software for Visitor Management

  • December 9, 2022 at 3:22 am

    combining biometrics with visitors management indeed is very good idea. Thanks for sharing this lovely informative article and I will surely use VisitorTrack if I need one for my office.

  • January 11, 2023 at 12:48 am

    We are developing a solution that sends notification text messages to parents when students go to and from school at schools and taekwondo centers.

    We are interested in your biometric authentication-based technology.


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