Answers to Our 2nd Biometric Quiz on Facebook with Explanations

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biometric identification technology educational quiz
Answers to our 2nd biometric quiz on Facebook with detailed explanations.

Back by popular demand, we have launched the 2nd edition of our biometric quiz series on Facebook! If you are reading this post and haven’t taken the quiz yet, click on this link  to take the quiz and then come back here to our blog for a detailed explanation of the answers.

We have designed this quiz to test your knowledge of biometrics and clear up any misconceptions you might have about biometric technology.

Here is the list of correct answers with explanations to our 2nd Biometric True/False Quiz.

  1. True or False – When biometric credentials are captured, it stores an image and then later uses it for confirming my identity.

Answer – False

When enrolling in a biometric identification system, the actual image is used to create the enrollment template. This raw image is then converted into a series of data points, which is subsequently stored and used to confirm your identity.

  1. True or False – Science fiction movies inspired the growth of biometric technology.

Answer – False

Biometric technology has been around for a very long time, starting with fingerprint and hand geometry recognition scanners dating all the way back to the 1960’s.

  1. True or False – Fingerprints are the most reliable biometric modality.

Answer – False

Although it is the most popular modality, fingerprints may not always be the most reliable modality depending upon the deployment purpose, environment, and end user demographic.

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  1. True or False – 195,000+ annual U.S. deaths are due to medical errors – 60% were caused by failure to correctly identify the patient.

Answer – True

More and more hospitals, health care facilities, and Doctor’s offices are adopting biometric technology to ensure 100% accuracy in the identification of their patients to prevent tragedies like this from occurring.

  1. Fingerprint identification methodology was first invented in 1892.

Answer – True

Sir Francis Galton, the British scientist and mathematician developed the first fingerprint identification methodology in 1892.

  1. True or False – Stolen body parts can be used to fool a biometric scanning device.

Answer – False

Most modern biometric devices have a feature called “liveness detection” which can measure many variables, from a finger pulse to live blood flow to a pupil response. This security measure prevents the system from allowing one person to assume the identity of another person using swapped, shared, stolen, or falsified biometric credentials.

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  1. True or False – Biometric employee attendance systems are only important for large companies.

Answer – False

Biometric identification systems tend to be very important for small companies because their resources are limited. Even if a single employee comes 20 minutes late to an office each day, it can add up to create a considerable profit loss to the company.

  1. True or False – I can’t afford a biometric system, it’s too expensive.

Answer – False

The Return on Investment (ROI) achieved from using biometrics such as increased security, efficiency, and productivity should be factored into your decision to invest in a biometric system, not simply what the upfront cost may be.

  1. True or False – Biometric technology identifies a person based on what they have or what they know.

Answer – False

Affordable Biometric Time Clock SoftwareAn ID card based system identifies based on what a person has, a password based system identifies a person based on what they know. However, biometrics is the only technology which identifies a person based on who they are by matching their biometric traits.

  1. True or False – It is easy for someone to fake my fingerprint and fool a biometric reader to think it’s me.

Answer – False

A biometric fingerprint is nearly impossible to replicate. The sophistication of the encryption technology and the security measures built into the software render it nearly impossible to be replicated or “tricked” by a criminal.

How many did you get right? Share your score on Facebook for everyone to see. We hope that this quiz helped to increase your understanding of biometric identification management technology!

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