Everything You Need To Know for a Successful Biometric Project: A Guide by M2SYS

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Successfully implementing a biometric project can be challenging, as it requires a combination of hardware and software components that must work together seamlessly. People often struggle to grasp the whole concept of biometric components properly. That is why we have brought this guide to help people get a better understanding. 

We aim to simplify the process of implementing biometric technology and help our customers achieve their goals. In this guide, we’ll explore each component in more detail and show you how M2SYS can provide the complete solution you need for your biometric project.

The Four Essential Components for Any Biometric Project

These four components are the backbone of any successful biometric project. By ensuring all four components are in place and functioning optimally, biometric systems can provide secure, accurate, and reliable identification and verification. For a clear understanding of the key components, let’s look closely at each.

Biometric device: A device is a hardware component used to collect biometric data. Various types of devices are available, depending on the modality of biometrics being used, such as fingerprint, finger vein, iris, face, and dual-modality devices. The device plays a crucial role in the accuracy and efficiency of the biometric system, and selecting the right device is key to a successful project.

Capture tool: A capture tool is software that processes the biometric data collected by the device. The capture tool needs to be integrated with the device to work seamlessly. It’s responsible for extracting features from the biometric data and converting it into a digital format that can be used for identification or verification. The capture tool eliminates the need for browser plug-ins, native code integration, and ActiveX.

Web app: A web or mobile app is an interface that allows users to interact with the biometric system. It’s the system’s front end and needs to be user-friendly and easy to understand. The app displays the results of enrollment, identification or verification to the user, and it can be customized according to the project’s requirements.

Matching engine: The matching engine collects and stores biometric data. The matching engine compares the biometric data collected during enrollment for verification or identification with the data stored in the database for verification or identification. 

M2SYS: Your Complete Solution Provider for All Biometric Components

M2SYS provides solutions to meet the needs of various customers, ranging from those who require a complete turnkey biometric system to those who need only one or two components.

The Complete Biometric Solution: End to End

For customers who require a complete biometric system, M2SYS offers a biometric turnkey solution for both government and private organizations. It includes a range of best devices of all modalities, including fingerprint, finger vein, iris, face, and dual-modality. The device is then integrated with CloudScan, a biometric capture tool that scans and processes biometric data. 

Furthermore, we provide the web app, which provides the user interface for the biometric system. Finally, the whole system is integrated with CloudABIS, which serves as the matching engine that connects all the components and responds to the web app.

This an easy and affordable solution for customers who want a hassle-free biometric system.

Partial Solution: Any Three or Any Two Components

For customers who have already developed their web app, but require the device, capture tool and matching engine, M2SYS offers a solution where they can choose from a range of best devices and CloudScan capture tools. Then integrate everything with the CloudABIS matching engine.

Single Component Solution

If the customers require only one component, M2SYS offers the option to choose individual components. Customers can get only the matching engine or web app demanding on their requirements, and we can integrate the component with their setup. It allows customers to choose only the component they need without having to purchase the entire system.

By offering these flexible solutions, M2SYS ensures that customers can choose the necessary components and only pay for what they require rather than purchasing a complete system that may not meet their needs. Read the case studies for a better understanding. 

M2SYS’ Complete Biometric Solutions: Hardware, Software, and Everything in Between

A successful biometric project requires four key components, and M2SYS offers turnkey solutions that provide all four components. The company also provides options for customers who need any combination of the components. With various devices and software, M2SYS can provide customized solutions for any biometric project. Customers will find everything under one roof. 

Furthermore, our solution can be configured as per the requirement of the customers. So any government or private organization can trust M2SYS with their biometric project. By providing detailed documentation and support, M2SYS ensures that customers can easily implement their biometric projects.

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