Biometric Authentication with Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge Support

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What is biometric authentication?

Biometric authentication is an automated method of verifying a person based on unique physiological or behavioral characteristics. There are several biometrics identifier that are used to identify someone. The most common biometric modalities are fingerprints, finger and palm veins, iris, facial and voice recognition.

Biometric authentication has many applications. It can be used to unlock a device, an app, a service and many more. It is being used in many spaces including governments, organizations, educational institutes, hospitals, banks etc.

We use different types of lock systems to secure the devices like smartphone, pc; or services like atm card. Currently, users have three options for authentication. These include:

  • What you know (Password/PIN)
  • What you have (Smart cards)
  • What you are (Biometric characteristics)

The system administrators suggests you to make a password long, complex and have special characters. Smart card is a better option than password in terms of security, still it can be lost or stolen. But, the biometric characteristics cannot be forgotten or lost anyway.

Biometric Authentication with Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge Support

There are many biometric solution available in the market for authentication purpose. But, all of them aren’t chrome and other browsers compatible. Some are compatible but need ActiveX, native code integration and browser plug-ins to run on the browsers.

Whereas CloudABIS and CloudScanr is complete biometric authentication solution that are compatible with any web browsers including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Edge etc.

CloudABIS™ is a highly scalable, cloud-based biometric matching system and CloudScanr™ is a biometric scanner integration service based on a service-oriented architecture.



Web API For Biometric Authentication

Simply connect to our Biometric API to perform fast 1:N Fingerprint/Finger-Vein/Iris Recognition.

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The main benefit of using these software are:

  • No ActiveX, native code integration and browser plug-ins
  • Flexible to customize and configure with your biometric authentication project
  • Allows to deploy any biometric device with unique universal plugin
  • Supports different biometric modalities including fingerprint, finger vein, face, and Iris.

Biometric authentication with chrome support is very much possible with CloudABIS and CloudScanr. If you still need any support, we are just a knock away from any questions you may have.

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