How to Find the Best Fingerprint API for Java

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A reliable fingerprint API for java – many businesses and software integrators are looking for it. It can make the process of fingerprint biometric deployment fast, accurate and cost effective. Despite of its critical role in a fingerprint biometric deployment, there are very few reliable Fingerprint API for java currently available in the market. Reasonably, many companies are looking for effective fingerprint API system – that not only meet their requirement but also affordable.

Most of the fingerprint API available in the market are highly expensive, complex to integrate and locks you to the vendor indefinitely. That’s where CloudABIS™ can stands out. It is a highly effective, affordable and easy to integrate fingerprint API for your java application. Let’s find more about this system.

What is CloudABIS™?

CloudABIS™ is a cloud-based biometric identification and matching system that supports not only fingerprint but also finger vein, face and iris recognition. It is a highly scalable matching system and eliminates the extra cost of building and maintaining a reliable biometric identification system.

How does it work?

CloudABIS™ is a highly customizable cloud biometric matching solution. Customers can easily integrate through the API or CloudApper software that allows to perform a fast 1:N matching. It can compare millions of ISO fingerprint templates per second.

It needs to be said that CloudABIS™ supports many fingerprint readers and any ISO/ICS certified fingerprint templates. The device activation is also fast and seamless with our cloud solution CloudScanr app. It is capable of working in any web browser.



Web API For Biometric Authentication

Simply connect to our Biometric API to perform fast 1:N Fingerprint/Finger-Vein/Iris Recognition.

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Why Choose CloudABIS™?

CloudABIS™ is capable of providing effective fingerprint API for java. It also has some fascinating features. Such as,

  • Easy-to-use API with documentation for Java applications.
  • Supports all major fingerprint readers available in the market (that provide fingerprint template in ISO/ICS format).
  • Don’t get locked into the vendor contract, as it provides complete freedom of using third party fingerprint reader, SDK and fingerprint capture system.
  • Affordable SaaS pricing model is highly beneficial for small to large companies.
  • By using API you no longer need to hire software engineers, buy hardware or worry about the security.

What About The Security?

The security concern is ubiquitous as the data breach is a common incident in technology industry. CloudABISprovides the highest level of security as the data transfer between client applications and server is secured by SSL encryption.

The data will be stored on cloud storage and AES encryption ensures the security. Your data will be also safe from various cyber attacks.


Considering all the facts written above, CloudABIS™ is the most suitable solution that provides Fingerprint API for Java. Let us know if you have any queries about this solution at or share your thoughts on the comment box.

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