How We Configured Our Pension Management System to Enroll Disabled Seniors

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M2SYS partnered with an island country in the central Pacific Ocean to develop a unique pension management solution to solve their pension management challenges and ensure secure disbursement of pension funds to the right person. The prospect was looking for a comprehensive pension management design to support a wide range of pension and social welfare programs to help citizens receive funds with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Due to the limitation in the manual pension disbursement method, our prospect was seeking a modern system that would be stable, scalable, and robust in functionality. Moreover, manual pension management systems are prone to human error and open the door for corruption and fraudulent activities. Our prospect was looking for a pension management solution to maintain a central database of pensioners and other social welfare programs to ensure fair and streamlined distribution of pension benefits. The program explicitly concerns different beneficiary categories, including disabled and unemployed citizens. One of the core requirements of our prospect was to develop a system where they can enroll biometrics of disabled persons to allow them to have verified access to the Government pension service.

When our prospects came in for our demo presentation, they were impressed by how quickly our team met their requirements interested in further exploring how our system could solve their problems. During the demo, we showed them how configurable our entire system is and how easily it integrates with any third-party components. Furthermore, we explained how our systems could connect with any biometric and 3rd party system to fulfill client requirements. In this project, we showed them how our system could connect with fingerprint, finger vein, iris, and facial biometric devices for biometric enrollment and verification of pensioners and disabled citizens.

During our demo session, we also shared the system’s dashboard and explained how it works and how we can modify it completely as per the prospects’ specifications. They were amazed to discover that our mobile biometric solution works with any mobile device with a standard camera to conduct facial biometric authentication. Overall, they were completely satisfied with our platform and our capability to build a pension management system for their country.

The goal of using the Pension Management System is to allow pensioners to authenticate themselves before withdrawing their money from any pension centers across the country. Our system provides ease of access to authorize pensioners’ identities using our biometric solution. Besides fulfilling their core requirements, the digital pension management system eliminates fraudulent activity and corruption opportunities. The project delivered a new pension management system which helped our prospects create a central database that significantly improved the pension administration system.

The use of the Pension Management System to withdraw pension is becoming more and more common amongst pensioners, as this system allows pension disbursement in a comfortable and intuitive way. We are very pleased to be able to develop an end-to-end system for this particular project in an underdeveloped country where the digital transformation of public administration is a key challenge that can have a long-term beneficial impact on millions of individuals.

Read more about how biometrics can be used in different Government projects here, or contact M2SYS for information about how its products are being used by government agencies.

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