All You Need To Know About Mantra MFS 100 Fingerprint Scanner

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Fingerprint recognition is one of the most basic yet effective biometric modalities. When choosing a fingerprint device, it’s normal to feel confused because hundreds of devices are available on the market to capture and authenticate fingerprints. An optical sensor that comes with the Mantra MFS 100 fingerprint scanner is said to be scratch-free and the demand for the scanner is growing. Today, we’ll learn more about the Mantra MFS 100 fingerprint scanner.

About Mantra MFS 100 fingerprint scanner

Mantra Softech India is the manufacturer of the Mantra MFS 100 fingerprint scanner. It captures and scans fingerprints for various purposes, including identity verification, security access control, and attendance tracking. The portable, compact device is connected to a PC or laptop via a USB port and is simple to use. It can be connected with a wide range of applications and is compatible with a diverse set of software. The Mantra MFS 100 features modern fingerprint scanning technology that is known for its excellent accuracy and speed.

The optical fingerprint scanning technology used by the Mantra MFS 100 involves taking a picture of the fingerprint using an image sensor and a light source. The device contains a scan window where the finger is placed to be scanned. The fingerprint image is processed and matched to a database of previously captured fingerprint images to identify the person. The Mantra MFS 100 can scan somewhat damp fingers, have scars, or have other flaws while still producing high-quality fingerprint images. Using a Mantra MFS 100 fingerprint scanner has multiple benefits:

Accuracy: When it comes to identifying people, Mantra MFS 100 is known for its accuracy and dependability. Security applications like access control or time and attendance tracking can benefit greatly from this.

High Standards: Mantra MFS 100 meets all requirements because it is ANSI-378 approved. The term ANSI refers to an American National Standards Institute standard for fingerprint templates that allows them to communicate with one another.

Scratch-free: A scratch-free optical sensor is available with the Mantra MFS 100. In addition, the optical sensor is also resistant to dust and moisture, which may increase the scanner’s dependability in various situations.

Biometric software with Mantra MFS 100

Without a doubt, the Mantra MFS 100 is one of the most trustworthy scanners on the market right now. Moreover, the device’s adaptability to various settings makes it perfect for various biometric software applications. Here are a few biometric applications that work with the Mantra MFS 100.

eGovernment software 

Furthermore, you will be satisfied if you choose Mantra MFS 100 for eGovernment software. Then, identifying people quickly and reliably is simple, and fingerprints of poor quality can be recognized. M2SYS provides 

Biometric turnkey solution 

If you have a basic understanding of biometric software, you know biometrics projects take time to complete. A biometric turnkey solution is a comprehensive package that includes everything required to install and configure a biometric authentication system. Any biometric turnkey solution may be a perfect match for Mantra MFS 100.

Biometric matching engine 

The biometric matching engine is at the core of any biometric software solution. The engine is responsible for storing and matching fingerprints against the database. CloudABIS is a very popular biometric matching engine and the Mantra MFS 100 works seamlessly with CloudABIS biometric matching engine. 

M2SYS is a global supplier of biometric software solutions. M2SYS is meeting the biometric requirements of various governments and companies. If you need any biometric software solutions, that need to work with Mantra MFS 100 please contact us. 


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