Secugen and M2SYS Partner on CloudABIS Biometrics Suite

cloud biometric identification

Secugen and M2SYS Technology announce a partnership designed to advance the adoption of the CloudABIS suite of biometric identification management solutions.

Today we announced a new partnership with Secugen to help customers using their fingerprint readers to accelerate their projects through the adoption of CloudABIS – a new suite of cloud-based biometric identification management tools designed to help lower the costs and remove the friction for authentication projects around the world.

If you haven’t heard about the CloudABIS suite, we have some exciting news to share. As longstanding pioneers in the biometrics industry with a strong track record of designing and developing innovative biometric identity management solutions that lower the costs and speed the adoption of this technology, M2SYS is pleased to now offer the CloudABIS suite that enables anyone in the world to quickly develop and deploy a highly scalable solution that avoids the risk, cost, and burden of the development time and maintenance so often required for these types of projects.

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M2SYS Partners with ABT Security Systems to Deliver Biometric Time and Attendance Systems and Identity Management Solutions

ABT Security offers retail point of sale and and enterprise resource planning (ERP) business information management systems

M2SYS Technology’s New Partner – ABT Security Systems

Yesterday, we announced a new partnership with Australian based ABT Security Systems designed to help businesses who struggle with antiquated workforce management systems and a lack of access control protocols by introducing biometric identity management tools that will help create efficiency and save money. The partnership will provide ABT Security with access to the following M2SYS enterprise solutions:

1. RightPunch™ – a PC-based biometric time clock that instantly interfaces with any third party workforce management and/or POS software helping to: eliminate buddy punching, increase productivity, reduce payroll inflation and error rates, and help ensure compliance with labor tracking laws.

2. Enterprise Biometrics Suite (single sign-on) – an identity management system that helps to reduce costs and protect data through indisputable client side authentication, file encryption, and password automation with strong authentication.

3. RightPatient™ – the healthcare industry’s only multi-modal biometric patient identification system to ensure identification accuracy, prevent medical identity theft, and eliminate duplicate medical records.

4. RightPOS™ – instantly interfacing with any third party POS software, this biometric identification solution for PCI compliance provides easy employee identification to replace sophisticated passwords, helps to reduce shrink and false returns, improves loss prevention strategies, and strengthens PCI and workforce management compliance.

We are proud to be partnering with the seasoned professionals at ABT Security and know that their years of experience with retail point of sale (POS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) business information management systems will help to open new doors for our biometric identification enterprise solutions. For more information on the partnership please read our news release or visit ABT Security Systems’ Web site at


Should all Micro-Credit Banks Use Fingerprint Biometrics Banking Technology?

Micro-credit bank using fingerprint biomtrics banking technology

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus

Perhaps foreshadowing a future shift for micro-credit banks across the globe to start using biometrics for customer identification, we distributed a News Release today announcing that ASMAB, a micro-credit bank in the country of Benin, has started to use fingerprint biometric banking technology for customer identification. The genesis for ASMAB’s decision to start using fingerprint biometrics was the widespread fraud and corruption that plagued their business, specifically customers falsifying their identities. These problems were undermining customer confidence in their process so ASMAB (with help from HPC Informatique, a technology solutions provider) decided to incorporate fingerprint biometrics to identify customers, eliminating fraud and corruption in their system and helping to secure consumer confidence.

Headquartered in the Western African capital city of Cotonou, Benin, ASMAB is modeled after the micro-credit Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, pioneered by Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus to lend money to the poor facilitating socio-economic development, encouraging savings, and fighting loan shark corruption. Expectations are high that biometrics will help to increase security and decrease fraud in the system restoring customer confidence and building trust. We will be sure to report back at a later date with an update on how the deployment is going and if it is meeting ASMAB’s expectations.

Micro-credit banks have sprouted up all over the globe to help provide low income citizens the chance to borrow money on safe and secure terms. Can we expect to see others follow suit and adopt biometric identification for their customers? You can be sure that after news breaks of ASMAB’s efforts, other micro-credit banks may begin to explore this technology too.


@M2SYS Partners with RedPrairie to Offer PC-based Biometric Time Clocks for Employee Time and Attendance

A biometric time clock for labor tracking, preventing time theft and lowering costs.

RightPunch™ PC-based biometric time clock

Today M2SYS announced another partnership to broaden the reach of RightPunch™ a PC-based biometric time clock designed as an affordable alternative to a wall mounted time clock or a way to augment exist time clocks. We are proud to say that RedPrairie Corporation, a leader in enterprise workforce management software and labor tracking solutions that improve employee performance will now offer the RightPunch™ biometric time clock as a complement to their existing workforce optimization tools.

Many companies are already using the RightPunch™ biometric time clock and realizing the benefits after switching from paper time sheets, non-biometric time clocks or outdated time and attendance systems. Among the long list of benefits that a PC-based biometric time clock can bring to a company seeking to lower costs, raise employee productivity and maximize return on investment with a workforce management application the following are important benefits for companies to consider that seek to control labor costs:

  • Increased employee productivity by eliminating time theft and speeding up punch times.
  • Strengthened security and efficiency over ID cards or personal identification numbers (PINs).
  • Reduction of payroll inflation and payroll error rates.
  • Ensuring compliance with labor tracking laws by establishing a concrete audit trail of punch activity.
  • Offline punch capture and schedule enforcement to ensure accurate data and compliance in cases of network loss.

M2SYS has developed a customized version of RightPunch™ that interfaces with RedPrairie’s workforce management platform and communicates with RedPrairie time and attendance software to seamlessly submit stored punches, enforce schedule restrictions and provide access to employee self service features. RightPunch™ also has an optional touch screen interface allowing it to run on kiosks or terminals that can be mounted to the wall just like a traditional time clock. Under the terms of the partnership, RedPrairie will market and resell the RightPunch™ biometric time clock to its customers and prospects.

We are excited for the future of PC-based biometric time clocks and the benefits they can bring to companies seeking to fortify their workforce management software solutions. Please contact us with comments or feedback on this partnership or any other questions about our RightPunch™ solution.

A link to the press release announcing the partnership between M2SYS and RedPrairie can be found here.