Japanese Aeon Bank Introducing Biometrics Authentication System

Japan Biometrics

Japan Source

A Japanese bank named Aeon recently declared that they will implement biometric technology to ease the banking process for their customers. Customers will now be able to conduct empty-handed transactions with biometric verification.

Aeon has entered a contract with a biometric technology company who will equip the banks’ ATMs and teller windows with latest biometric authentication systems. The bank is hopeful that this new technology will make the banking process easier than ever for their customers. Continue reading →

Biometric Pension Distribution in China

Biometric Distribution in China

Biometric Distribution in China Source

Biometric modalities become common element for identification nowadays. It is evolving in everything around us including banking, education, government solutions and corporate business. People, especially the young rely on biometric system more than traditional security method. Governments are also aware of this issue and adopt this technology to their national program.

Many countries already adopt biometric solutions in national programs to prevent identity fraud. It reduces the cost of many large government projects in healthcare, social welfare, and pension distribution programs. It comes handy to the governments to run the program smoothly and a credible system to the people. Continue reading →

Are Biometrics a Threat to Your Family’s Safety?


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Biometric identification has already become a mainstream security technology. With the help of biometric technology, airports and border control agencies have adopted paperless verification systems, mobile companies including Apple and Samsung implement fingerprint technology on their devices, top banks embrace biometric security systems to secure the data safety of their clients. It isn’t a matter of government or international organizations anymore. It becomes a part and parcel of our daily life, but are we sure that it won’t affect us and our family? Continue reading →

How to Integrate Digital Persona U.are.U 4500 sensor based Fingerprint Scanner with a biometric SDK?

M2-S Fingerprint Reader

Digital Persona U.are.U 4500 sensor based Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint authentication technology is becoming more popular day by day. With the advancement of powerful biometric technologies, we are entering into a world where you need nothing but your physical traits for the verification process.

Why choose Digital Persona U.are.U 4500 sensor based Fingerprint Scanner?

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Cloud Biometrics: Conveniently Safeguarding Our Data For The Future

The definition of cloud computing is recognized as a model that enables ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a broad number of computing resources, such as: storage, networks, servers, services, and applications that can be provisioned quickly and released with little to no interaction from service providers and minimum management effort. Cloud computing is a field of computer networking which is presenting opportunities to use infrastructure, hardware, or application as a service. Organizations and companies are looking into cloud computing for its cost effectiveness, security options, and as a reasonable solution for their needs. It should be noted, using a third party for cloud services does raise some security concerns as well. Continue reading →

How Biometric Authentication Works

Security is an ever-present concern in today’s world. Increasingly, we are seeing how biometric
authentication, such as fingerprint identification, facial recognition, or DNA, is being used to enhance security systems.

Thanks to the prevalence of smartphones with touchscreens and high-definition cameras, it’s easier than ever before to implement these additional security protocols. The general public is embracing the technology as an easy way to prevent unauthorized access to accounts. In fact, 52% of consumers want banks to add fingerprint scans to banking apps.

But biometric technology goes far beyond fingerprints and facial recognition. Currently, there is advanced research being done about new and exciting ways to confirm identity. From analysis of fingernails, earlobes, and keystroke patterns, there are endless methods that are currently being explored, and each biometric has benefits and drawbacks.
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Stay Informed About The Latest Advancements in Biometric Identification Technology

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Advancements in biometric identification management technology are moving so fast, it’s tough to predict just how much it will potentially change the world we live in. Biometrics are fundamentally changing identification management in a host of industries and governmental entities. There is no question that biometrics now touch virtually every  corner of the world to improve security, but what is perhaps most fascinating is the benefits biometrics have established that were once unforeseen which include establishing parity in societies that have traditionally lacked class equity.

Traditional identification technologies (passwords, PINs, plastic ID cards) are no longer reliable and quickly being supplanted with biometrics. For example, the increased focus on improving internet security to fight cybercrime has opened the door for the use of biometrics as a stand-alone solution, or as part of a multi-factor authentication strategy. Continue reading →

Philippines Biometric National ID – What Can We Expect?

With the flourishing popularity of biometric national ID programs all over the world, the government of Philippines also shows similar interests to adopt this type of biometric standard. The president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte who declares war against the drug cartels of Philippines, is now concerned about the security system. He has given clearance to proceed with the project in the government’s proposed budget 2 billion Philippine pesos (almost 40 million USD) for 2018. Duterte’s hopes are that this project would help to ensure the government’s P89.4-billion conditional cash transfer program will be handed to the rightful recipients. Continue reading →