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Biometric Technology Case Studies of Vertical Markets

Leveraging the Human Aspect to Build Mutually Rewarding Business Relationships that Produce Real Results

M2SYS works closely with its clients, enabling them to capitalize on the benefits of using biometrics for security and accelerating their return on investment (ROI). These case studies of multi-modal biometrics security deployments for various verticals show how biometric security software solutions can protect the welfare of citizens, stop corruption and fraud, and create efficiency.

CASE STUDY:Yarco Company, Inc.

Biometric Modality: Finger vein
Number of hardware units /terminals deployed: 100
Database size: 1,000
Purpose: Biometric Identification for Workforce Management

Summary:Hybrid Biometrics for Kronos Workforce Timekeeper – Property Management

Yarco Company, Inc. is a full-service, multi-family real estate firm that delivers highly specialized services designed 
to generate the greatest value for their clients, their properties, their residents and the community. The Yarco 
companies have direct management responsibility for more than 100 assets comprising over 12,000 apartment 
homes in properties located in 11 states with an aggregate portfolio in excess of $600 million. In addition, Yarco’s 
construction division also engages in general contracting throughout the Midwest and Southwest and their award-
winning construction activities have spanned approximately $90 million over the past 15 years, and have built or 
rehabilitated 6,000 apartment homes.


Yarco’s employees were manually recording their time in and time out on paper timesheets. Their Payroll 
department would then have to collect these paper time sheets from each of the 100+ properties across the 
company and manually transfer the data to Excel spreadsheets. The entire process was extremely time consuming, 
often taking the Payroll department an entire weekend just to input the data and reconcile any discrepancies. 
Furthermore, the handwritten and faxed timesheets were often hard to read; there was no review and approval 
process in place – the timesheets were assumed to be legitimate. Yarco realized that a change was in order to a 
more modern, technologically advanced payroll system that not only automated the time and attendance process, 
but also held employees accountable for accurate time tracking. They were also cognizant of “buddy punching” 
issues within their industry and knew that biometrics would eliminate that possibility. 


Yarco now utilizes the web-based KRONOS system to record and manage their time and attendance for nearly 1,000
employees through vascular biometrics. They have a vein reader installed at each one of their apartment 
communities, for a total of 100 vein scanners. Each day the entire community staff uses the device to time in and 
out. Then, through the power of the Internet, that activity is transferred to their servers at the corporate office for 
the payroll department to utilize for payroll processing. 

The use of the KRONOS web application allows them to easily connect with their staff who are spread across the 
United States. The advantage of utilizing biometric technology from M2SYS is that their users only need to scan 
using a vascular biometric device in order to provide Yarco with the necessary information to process their payroll. 
What was once a multi-step, time consuming, unsecure process was transformed into a quick, efficient and accurate 
payroll system. 


The most tangible benefit realized since implementing the KRONOS time and attendance system using vascular 
biometric technology is drastic increases in efficiency. In fact, Yarco has seen a 90% efficiency increase when you 
compare their old manual payroll system to the new automated process. A large part of the efficiency comes 
through time saved from not having to manually enter the payroll sheets into Excel for export to the payroll 
processing interface. This has allowed Yarco to cut their Payroll department in half and allocate more time to other 
HR functions.


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