RightPunch™ is Helping to Alleviate Workforce Management Costs

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RightPunch™ helps to alleviate workforce management cost
RightPunch™ helps to alleviate workforce management cost. Source

Workforce Management is at the forefront of every business. Too often, dealing with workforce management brings stress and confusion for the business and its employees. Whether it is buddy punching, inefficient clocking in methods, or the high cost of many time clocks, workforce management does not discriminate in the problems that it creates for companies. Two big problems for companies with workforce management issues are buddy punching and the cost of monitoring buddy punching.

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The first problem, buddy punching, is caused by employees having very easy access to other employees’ information. This allows them to clock each other in. One way to tackle this problem is to get a time clock that uses biometrics or other unique identifiers when clocking in or out.  The problem with this solution is that the price of obtaining and maintaining these clocks is rather expensive. If your business has 25 locations but only has 10 employees at each location then it is hard to cost-justify buying an expensive time clock for each location. The business will either spend way too much money on the expensive time clocks or eat the cost of potential buddy punching.

M2SYS’ RightPunch™ helps alleviate the costs of both buddy punching and the expensive time clocks.  RightPunch™ integrates with most workforce management software including Kronos and ADP. The M2SYS biometric platform allows employees to clock in using fingerprint, finger vein, iris, and face biometric technology. RightPunch™ can be used on any Windows PC or tablet with a USB port.

If a business needs to control their labor costs due to buddy punching or to better manage employees who do not work on site, RightPunch™ could be a great solution. It is a proven product that has been implemented by companies like Racetrac Petroleum and Forever 21. RightPunch™ is making big waves in disrupting the status quo of how companies handle their workforce management.

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