New Podcast – Social Media and the Health Care Industry

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Our latest podcast explores the topic of health care and social media – how effective is the industry using this new communications platform?

As social media communications vaults to the forefront of healthcare’s collective consciousness, more and more organizations are jumping into the pool with both feet to leverage this powerful medium as a way to build brand advocates, communicate in times of crisis, engage with patients, educate, offer support and guidance on medical issues, and in some cases entertain. Despite the fact that other industries have embraced social media since it burst on the scene a few years ago, health care has generally been slow to adopt this communication channel but a quick glance around the landscape tells us that many more providers are participating and using the medium for many of the aforementioned reasons.

As the health care industry slowly migrates to social media as a key pillar in their overall communications strategy, how is it changing the patient to patient and patient to provider relationship? What risks are associated with improperly managing social media as a communications tool and how does ignoring it harm a health care facilities’ reputation and brand name? How should medical facilities fold social media into a crisis communications plan? How has social media fostered an increase in transparency for the industry? What proactive steps can health care organizations take to avoid patient negativity and how do they react to it when it surfaces?

We had the pleasure of interviewing Liz Scherer, a health journalist, digital copywriter, social media consultant, blogger, and women’s health advocate and Ed Bennett, the Director of Web & Communications at the University of Maryland’s Medical System about this topic in our latest podcast and their insights on how the health care industry is using social media as a communications channel. They offered keen insight on these questions as well as additional information and case studies on how social media is impacting the health care industry.

Please take a moment and visit our podcast page to download an audio version of the latest in our series covering important topics and issues in the health care industry. We hope that you enjoy our latest podcast and encourage you to submit an idea for a future podcast to our marketing team at:

Again, you can find a link to the podcast here.

Stay tuned for the next health care podcast from M2SYS Technology and RightPatient™!

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